Hsa 520 final exam part i and ii

·         Question 14 out of 4 points  The genesis of Health Management Information Systems (HMIS) goes back to the roots of numerous areas, including:    ·         Question 24 out of 4 points  A healthcare services organization may develop or adopt various types of cultures, including:    ·         Question 34 out of 4 points  The data input phase includes:    ·         Question 44 out of 4 points  Computational functions support:    ·         Question 54 out of 4 points  Systems are:Answer      ·         Question 64 out of 4 points  The executive who oversees the daily heathcare services delivery operations is the:Answer      ·         Question 74 out of 4 points  Effective communication is essential for forming all kinds of work relationships, especially for:Answer      ·         Question 84 out of 4 points  One of the most important steps that an effective CEO/CIO should take is:Answer      ·         Question 94 out of 4 points  Effective listening requires:Answer      ·         Question 104 out of 4 points  Within the context of healthcare services organizations, there are many published examples of Internet use, including:Answer      ·         Question 114 out of 4 points  The digital divide stands to affect:Answer      ·         Question 124 out of 4 points  The 2006 Pew Internet and American Life Project survey found that the following users seek health information online in the United States:Answer      ·         Question 134 out of 4 points  Several researchers have argued that computer-mediated communities support cancer patients by:Answer      ·         Question 144 out of 4 points  The goal for ERP is:Answer      ·         Question 154 out of 4 points  Customer relationship management (CRM) is a major HMIS enterprise software system that:Answer      ·         Question 164 out of 4 points  A key high-profile enterprise software system that has emerged in the HMIS landscape is:Answer      ·         Question 174 out of 4 points  Existing ERP packages include:Answer      ·         Question 184 out of 4 points  One definition of regional health information organizations (RHINO):Answer      ·         Question 194 out of 4 points  For practice management systems delivered from private healthcare organizations and hospitals, electronic billing and patient scheduling are being developed for numerous benefits, including:Answer       ·         Question 200 out of 4 points   One definition of community health information networks (CHIN) is:Answer   Selected Answer: Correct Answer:    ·         Question 214 out of 4 points  Mayo offers a fully integrated intranet that allows providers access to:Answer      ·         Question 224 out of 4 points  Electronic data gathering, tracking, and coordinating systems provide caregivers with timely, reliable, and secured access to what type of patient’s files?Answer      ·         Question 234 out of 4 points  Electronic health records can:Answer      ·         Question 244 out of 4 points  Computer-based decision support systems (CDSS) are:Answer      ·         Question 254 out of 4 points  Three categories of healthcare data are required, almost universally, by healthcare servicesorganizations for supporting their planning and decision-making activities, and one of these is:    ·         Question 264 out of 4 points  Core functions of WSIHIS are based on different Web services, including:Answer      ·         Question 274 out of 4 points  In the United States, Europe, and elsewhere, growing demands for health care due to an aging population and the slowing down in mortality rate among older adults over the last few decades have led to:Answer      ·         Question 284 out of 4 points  Language interoperability challenges include:Answer      ·         Question 294 out of 4 points  To support XML document processing, a variety of specifications and standards haveemerged, such as:Answer      ·         Question 304 out of 4 points  As a modular, self-describing type of software service, Web services are self-contained applications that can be:Answer    PART II ·         Question 14 out of 4 points  Strategic decisions are those that affect the healthcare organization in the long term. These strategic decisions:Answer      ·         Question 24 out of 4 points  The planning, organizing, directing, and controlling (PODC) model is presented as an operationalized and rationally designed tool to assist in meeting:Answer   Selected Answer:Correct Answer:  o   ·         Question 34 out of 4 points  Which of the following best describes an EHR system.Answer      ·         Question 44 out of 4 points  The movement toward the use of EHR has developed much further in countries other than the United States, where only what percent of practices use EHR?   Answer   Selected Answer:   Correct Answer:     ·         Question 54 out of 4 points  Early computer applications were typically designed without adequate analysis and planning. As HMIS evolved, what type of approach became increasingly necessary? Answer   Selected Answer:   Correct Answer:      ·         Question 64 out of 4 points  An evolutionary approach of prototyping contains the following major concept:Answer   Selected Answer:   Correct Answer:      ·         Question 74 out of 4 points  The multiview comprehensive methodology contains five major steps. Which of the following is not one of the steps?Answer   Selected Answer:   Correct Answer:      ·         Question 84 out of 4 points  The context data flow diagrams (DFD):Answer   Selected Answer: Correct Answer:  f   ·         Question 94 out of 4 points  Which of the following may be considered the number-one priority when designing, implement, and evaluating HMIS?Answer   Selected Answer:   Correct Answer:      ·         Question 104 out of 4 points  Which of the following is not a risk for accurate and repeatable entry and updates processes?Answer   Selected Answer:      ·         Question 114 out of 4 points  How is business intelligence, a major component of data stewardship, defined?Answer   Selected Answer:        ·         Question 124 out of 4 points  Which of the following factors provide a primary challenge for accurate billing? Answer      ·         Question 134 out of 4 points  HMIS implementation often carries with it great expectations. It is not unusual, for instance, to find that many end-users who have little or no direct involvement with system development become disappointed with the final results of HMIS implementation because the:    ·         Question 144 out of 4 points  What is the recommended best practice to reward good technical HMIS personnel?Answer      ·         Question 154 out of 4 points  Data dictionaries contain all but one of the following attributes.Answer      ·         Question 164 out of 4 points  Systems implementation (SI) in healthcare services organizations entails a process whose success is dependent on the fulfillment of a number of key activities. Which of the following is not one of those key activities?Answer      ·         Question 174 out of 4 points  Organizational characteristics that can influence HMIS implementation success include which one of the following?Answer      ·         Question 184 out of 4 points  In terms of the Privacy Rule, what does accountability mean?Answer      ·         Question 194 out of 4 points  What are CSS: Cascading Style Sheets used for?Answer      ·         Question 204 out of 4 points  What is Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) used for?Answer      ·         Question 214 out of 4 points  The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was enacted on August 21, 1996, by the U.S. Congress to accelerate the development of data standards to improve:Answer      ·         Question 224 out of 4 points  Goods or services with positive externalities provide benefit to members of society who are not directly involved in the:Answer   Selected Answer:      ·         Question 234 out of 4 points  Using the e-health strategic framework developed by the World Bank and the World Health Organization (WHO), telemedicine and e-health adoption:Answer      ·         Question 244 out of 4 points  The WHO categorizes the application of e-health into broad areas, one of which is provider services, which means:Answer      ·         Question 254 out of 4 points  The world has recognized extensive advantages of globalization, the most common benefits revolve around which discourse?Answer      ·         Question 264 out of 4 points  What are primary benefits of the wireless local area network (WLAN)-based mobile computing system and wearable monitoring devices?Answer      ·         Question 274 out of 4 points  What is the best mitigation approach for the barrier identified for effective HMIS use and diffusion referred to as: clinicians and system users not involved in the process of design and selection?Answer      ·         Question 284 out of 4 points  A complex adaptive system may be conceived as one that typically comprises:Answer      ·         Question 290 out of 4 points   Which of the following would not be considered a key barrier to challenge HMIS implementation?Answer   ·         Question 304 out of 4 points  What are primary barriers for innovation diffusion in the healthcare sector semantic Web technology?Answer            T  

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