SOLUTION: Big Data the Hub that Connects Cyberspace and Reality Advocacy Project Essay

Attached. Please let me know if you have any questions or need revisions.Running Head: ADVOCACY PROJECT1Advocacy ProjectName of StudentName of InstructorName of CourseName of InstitutionDateADVOCACY PROJECT2Advocacy ProjectPart 1The problem and guiding questionsPrivacy problem is a social issue arising from the application of technology. Society isexperiencing privacy problems caused by the increasing use of technology and big data thatmany companies advocate for when dealing with customers. The problem of privacy began onthe first-day computers got invented. Companies emerged collecting personal information fromcustomers who raised the privacy issue among the societies. The use of technology contributes toa breach of privacy, which can lead to insecurity among people. People have their personalinformation, which they are willing to share while other information remains private to their side(Xie, 2018). When a person insists on private information, people prefer confidentiality; this canlead to privacy exposure. For example, Facebook requires users to share private information forthem to use the services. The company may decide to share the information with othercompanies or individuals, thus exposing the user’s privacy.Several main questions are arising from the privacy problem. One of them involves thethreats to personal data privacy, which may come from big data. The website security and theinternet are the leading threats to users’ privacy because of the increased issues of hackers.Another guiding question involves what people can learn from the past instances of privacy onpersonal information. There are several cases showing data privacy in the past, which can helppeople understand how to protect their information from malicious attacks (Jain, 2016). Dataprotection regulation is also another guiding question when analyzing the problem of privacy.Therefore, the privacy problem is a current issue that every person in society is experiencing.ADVOCACY PROJECT3The guiding questions outlined also exist and can help provide answers to the problem at hand onprivacy.Possible solutions to advocatePrivacy is a problem that can occur at any level of computer use or when dealing withcompanies that rely on data to improve their customer service. The authors explain differentmethods on how to protect people from privacy breaches. For instance, companies deal withhuge amounts of data on personal information from customers; this gives them a serious concernbecause it can contribute to security breaches on their user privacy. One of the solutions providedby the authoritative people involves engaging adequate access policies on data privacy (Esteve,2017). The regulations explain how policies should be made to allow specific people to accessinformation. Some people collect information against the user’s consent. The authority requiresthat companies and other information users seek consent from the individuals before collectingtheir information for the privacy of information to be effective.Another possible solution for the privacy problem involves the encryption of personalinformation. Research shows that big data is prone to hacking and requires a high degree ofprotection to prevent attackers from accessing it. Encryption provides controlled access toprivate information because it is attribute-based. The author also explains that top enhancesprivacy on information, and sensitive data should be deleted if there is a risk of falling into thewrong hands (Zhou, 2018). The outcome of data is information that can leak to the public. Forexample, private information from community members may be collected for analysis by thegovernment. The results of the analysis may leak to third parties, which can lead to privacybreaches. Protecting the information enhances security to data and the safety of informationowners.ADVOCACY PROJECT4The debate among scholars and experts about your guiding question(s), analytical problem,and potential solutionsDifferent scholars have researched the existence of social threats caused by data privacy.The results from the research show some similarities, while in some areas, the results becomedifferent. Price (2019) explains that since the implementation of big data applications in themedical area, privacy issues have increased where patient information depends on machines andartificial intelligence. The author explains that seeking consent and avoiding discrimination ininformation use can help in solving the problem. Choi (2019) supports the information byshowing how companies collect information from users without seeking any consent. There is anemergency in the broker industry, which has also been a threat to personal information. Despitethe challenges which come with the bid data on personal privacy, the users have the right torefuse to offer the information to the site requesting for the information if it is sensitive(Mehmood, 2016).The central claimsAnswering questions and addressing big data privacy can get support from several claimsthat can help. One of the claims involves the constitution of a privacy breach. Data regulationsbase their arguments on transferring or collecting information unlawfully, leading to a privacybreach. Another claim involves the compensation, which comes as a result of privacy infringedby the accused. When a company gets information unlawfully, people can sue it forcompensation.ADVOCACY PROJECT5ReferencesChoi, J. P., Jeon, D. S., & Kim, B. C. (2019). Privacy and personal data collection withinformationexternalities. JournalofPublicEconomics, 173,113-124., A. (2017). The business of personal data: Google, Facebook, and privacy issues in theEUandtheUSA. InternationalDataPrivacyLaw, 7(1),36-47., P., Gyanchandani, M., & Khare, N. (2016). Big data privacy: a technological perspectiveandreview. JournalofBigData, 3(1),1-25., A., Natgunanathan, I., Xiang, Y., Hua, G., & Guo, S. (2016). Protection of big dataprivacy. IEEEaccess, 4,1821-1834., W. N., & Cohen, I. G. (2019). Privacy in the age of big medical data. Naturemedicine, 25(1), 37-43., L. (2018, May). Who Moved My data? Information Privacy Concerns In the Big Data Era.In 4th International Symposium on Social Science (ISSS 2018) (pp. 299-303). AtlantisPress., W., Jia, Y., Peng, A., Zhang, Y., & Liu, P. (2018). The effect of iot new features onsecurity and privacy: New threats, existing solutions, and challenges yet to beADVOCACY PROJECTsolved. IEEE6InternetofThingsJournal, 6(2),1606-1616. 2Jain, P., Gyanchandani, M., & Khare, N. (2016). Big data privacy: a technological perspectiveandreview. JournalofBigData, 3(1),1-25. author explains that big data involves dealing with complex information structureswith similar characteristics, like difficulty in storing and analyzing information.Companies continue to generate more information from one time to the other because oftechnological advancements. As a result, this raises the issue of data privacy among theinformation owners. When information gets into the wrong hands, it leads to a breach…

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