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MGMT415 Saint Leo University Workplace Violence Discussion Posts

Student One:Workplace violence is a behavior that includes both bullying, such as emotional harassment, and physical violence, such as assault, or a workplace shooting. Violence at the workplace can have many effects such as increasing the amount of workplace injuries and making the company a hostile environment that can impact productivity, and ultimately the company’s bottom line. The text (2019) states that employees face the potential from violence not just from co-workers but the public as well. The text (2019) talked about employees in the healthcare industry and the fact that they face the greatest potential for violence from their actual patients. The domestic situation at home can also impact the workplace, as someone that is suffering from physical or emotional attacks in the home, are human, and will not likely be able to forget these things and the impact it has on them, once they arrive at work. Mayhew and Chappell (2007) found that having to deal with repeated instances or workplace violence or bullying lead to increased levels of mental health issues. The company can also face legal and civil consequences if they do not properly respond to allegations of workplace violence and if they knowingly keep on an employee that has committed violent acts, they could be guilty of negligent retention, due to federal law that requires that an organization furnish a safe work environment.Student two:Employers are responsible for the security of their employees during work hours, so workplace violence is an increasing concern for many companies. Some examples of workplace violence include disrespect for authority, abusive behavior, oral or written threats, acts of aggression, assault and murder. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, nearly 2 million workers experience various forms of workplace violence in the U.S. Everyone has the right to feel safe at work. Staff and visitors are entitled to respectful and nondiscriminatory treatment when conducting business. Comments or gestures that a reasonable person would consider threatening disrupt the workplace. To prevent tragic incidents, businesses and organizations are increasingly establishing violence prevention training, safety drills and strong policies that prohibit threatening, intimidating and coercive behavior on the job. That being said, everyone needs to know how to safeguard one another. From proper screening of visitors at reception, to visitor badges, to security officers at doors, employers have many ways of tackling the issue. In the end, they involve better security and safety for everyone. Proper training can help reduce violent incidents which in turn reduces employer insurance costs, workplace injury and employee absenteeism. It can also foster a better workplace, bolster an employer’s reputation, and better employee recruiting and retention.Student three: Dunkin is a company that is changing to keep pace in the market place. This company was formerly known as Dunkin Donuts but has recently become Dunkin. This is a marketing strategy to let people know it is more than just a donut shop. This is the key step of innovation. They have included more cold beverages in a campaign called “right to cool”. They’ve added caramel iced coffee and lemonade coolattas. Consumers want more than just delicious donuts. In a fast-paced society, and a generation of customers looking for healthy choices Dunkin has decided to offer many more food and beverages choices. By changing the name, it is clearly stating they want to be recognized for more than just donuts. The second step is shifting focus. Dunkin added “coffee by the pound” to capitalize on the increase in interest in the coffee market. Armed with the knowledge of how busy people are, they want to provide the ability to make your own Dunkin coffee and lattes.Dunkin has ensured they provide the latest products that are compatible with busy schedules. Their food can be quickly prepared by microwave. Additionally, their coffee is available in the K-cup for use in Keurig pots that make coffee rapidly. This is where the stay up with the latest technology.Dunkin has not forgotten its niche. They still offer all the delicious donuts they are famous for. In this endeavor they maintain their focus as well as expand into new areas to interest more customers.To remain agile, Dunkin ensures it still delivers the highest quality products in a fast food environment. This ensures the value of time to the customer is appreciated.According to Forbes, Dunkin is doing a good job of satisfying customers. They have listed five reasons for their success over rival Starbucks.Dunkin is growing its customer base.For the first time in years Dunkin customers happiness levels are higher than Starbucks.Dunkin does not close their store to lecture their employees.Dunkin did not ban plastic straws.Dunkin has delicious donuts.Student four:Organizational leaders have been exerting their efforts to develop new strategies that will increase their respective companies’ global competitiveness. However, not all of these approaches can achieve success, especially in today’s ever-changing global market place. Consumers are now more demanding, and industry competitors are now using different techniques to increase their market penetration. To ensure the effectiveness and success of the company’s game plan, the strategy should go beyond the usual methods by incorporating innovative ideas that will increase the organization’s global competitiveness. According to Dereli (2015), innovation comes in different forms, but the bottom line is that the company must be able to use new ideas that only a few of the competitors are using or something that other organizations have yet to discover. Organizational leaders must develop a plan that will convert science and technology to a social and economic utility. The idea is that the company must utilize various technological advancements to its advantage. For instance, customers who are calling the customer service department usually need to press several number keys before they can talk to a “real” person. An innovative approach can improve this process through artificial intelligence that can provide all the information needed by the customer. Furthermore, the company should be ready for any unforeseen event that can disrupt its global operations, which can damage the profit. This can be done by developing a short-term goal and long-term goal separately, with the inclusion of steps whenever a disruption occurs. Moreover, the company should also improve its flexibility to penetrate the markets of different nations. That is because one market is different from another, which means that the company must be flexible enough to cater to different customer from different countries and culture. In that way, the company can expand its customer segments through its flexibility.Student five: Let’s start with “to come into collision or disagreement; be contradictory, at variance, or in opposition; clash.” ( Conflict within the workplace can be functional usually when you’re working in groups. This actually brings out many ideas that can be discussed, along with other avenues to follow to an outcome of a possibly better result or product. Conflict is always dysfunctional when parties don’t want to listen to the other and they leave no room to compromise. Personal conflict is always the most dysfunctional in the work environment. Whether it’s with management or a fellow employee. Especially when either side won’t back down. Always thinking they’re right.Student six:In an organization, there will likely always be some form of conflict. Functional conflict is defined by the text as “conflict that is beneficial to the organizational goals and objectives” (Hitt, 2018), whereas dysfunctional conflict is “conflict that is detrimental to organizational goals and objectives” (Hitt, 2018). Conflict, though typically perceived to be a negative concept, can be very beneficial to an organization. Disagreements that spur healthy debates have the potential to “lead to suggestions that bolster organizational efficiencies” (UGN, n.d.). One article states that “[i]t (functional conflict) promotes the healthy exchange of ideas, clears the air and promotes creative thought and keen decision making” (Fay, 2017). When properly leveraged, conflict can lead to innovative and creative problem solving, as conflict often provokes thought resultant of information obtained from different perspectives. Conflict is dysfunctional when it impedes progress towards company goals. Often it is the result of conflict that is “motivated by egos of employees with competing ambitions” (Freund, 2019). Dysfunctional conflict often leads to employee dissatisfaction, higher turnover ratios, division, and thwarts the realization of organizational goals.There are three basic types of conflict: personal, substantive, and procedural. Personal conflict is defined as “conflict that arises out of personal differences between people, such as differing values, personal goals, and personalities” (Hitt, 2018) and is the most likely type of conflict to result in dysfunctional conflict. This is because getting people with different value systems to change their respective ways of thinking is almost impossible as we all have preconceived notions about things based upon our own personal experiences or the personal experiences and opinions of people whom we trust. Procedural conflict is “conflict that arises over how work should be completed” (Hitt, 2018), and is the next most likely type of conflict that may result in dysfunctional conflict. Disagreement over methods for carrying out work that remain unresolved can negatively impact performance. Substantive conflict, “conflict that involves work content, tasks, and task goals” (Hitt, 2018), and is probably the least likely form of conflict to result in dysfunctional conflict. When managed properly, substantive conflicts may actually improve performance.

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