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5 page final on famous greek works

ReferencesBernard Scudder (translator). (2005). Egil’s Saga. Introduction by Svanhildur Oskarsdottir. Penguin Classic publishers.Homer. (1999). The Iliad: Translated by Robert Fagles. Penguin Publishing Group. ISBN-13‎: ‎9780140275360.Vergil. (1881). Aeneid. edited and translated by Frederick AHL with introduction by Elaine FanthamThis exam is open book and open notes. Notes can be cited byindicating “Class notes” and giving the date. Internal citation forthe books and play we have read is fine. I do not want any outsidesources referred to in answering this exam.Textual analysis: for each of the following, please do a carefulanalysis of the passages in approximately 200-250 words. While youmay use the larger setting of the stories to contextualize yourfindings, please focus on the passages for most of your work. How aresimilar topics treated in different works? What can we learn aboutwhat each culture values by these comparisons? [2 x 20 for 40 points]These two:Andromache speaking:The Achaean army heard about my ways and that is what destroyed me:now the son of Achilles wants to take me for his wife. I’ll be aslave to my family’s murderers. If I push my beloved Hector to oneside and open up my mind to my present spouse then I will seemunfaithful to the dead; but if I hate the man, then I’ll be detestedby my own master. Well, they say one night is all it takes to ease awoman’s loathing for a man’s bed. I cannot stand a woman who finds anew bed, loves another man, forgetting all about her former husband.Narrator in Egil:Bjorn took Thora away and carried her back home to Aurland. They werethere for the winter and Bjorn wanted to hold a wedding ceremony. Hisfather Brynjolf disapproved of what Bjorn had done and regarded it asa disgrace to his long friendship with Thorir. “Rather than yourmarrying Thora here in my house without the permission of her brotherThorir,” Brynjolf said to Bjorn, “she will be treated exactly as ifshe were my own daughter and your sister.”And also these two:Vergil, from Book 3:And I tried to uproot green wood from its groundsoil, eager to covermy altars with living and leaf-covered branches. Just as I snappedthe first shrub from its roots to extract it, I noticed something thatmade me bristle with fear, and which makes an astounding story; fordark blood started to ooze, dripping downwards in large drops,staining the soil with its putrid gore. A shudder of ice-cold Horrorshivered my limbs. And my blood froze, clotted in terror. Still, Ipersisted, and tried once again to extract a reluctant Shaft fromanother bush, seeking the latent cause of the problem. Dark bloodflowed from the bark of this second tree, in the same way… ‘After I’dtackled a third group of shafts, and with even more effort, Wrestling,down on my knees, with the sand that resisted my struggles— Now—shouldI speak or be silent?—a moan that would drive you to heartbreak Roseto my ears from the depths of the mound; a voice drifted on breezes.“Why do you mutilate me? I have suffered, Aeneas, I’m buried! Spare me,and spare your own righteous hands from a crime. I’m a Trojan, notsome bizarre plant’s shoot dripping ghastly blood; and you know me.”Also Vergil, from Book 2:Then, something greater was cast in our hapless way, something farmore frightful. It startled and muddled our minds. We could not haveforeseen it. Neptune’s priest, Laocoön, chosen by lot for this honour,stood sacrificing a victim, a monstrous bull, at the altars. Look!Across tranquil depths, out of Tenedos, writhing and coiling, Big orbsswishing a course, twin serpents—I shudder, recalling— Slither thesea’s face, stretch for the shore in their parallel lunges. Now, amidsurf, chests standing erect, crests mane-like, in aspect Blood-red, upthey surge on the swell, bodies skimming the water, spiralingmeasureless tails in whiplash whirls of propulsion. Foaming brinecrashes noise. In a trice they have reached the enclosure. Flickering,viperous tongues lick mouths spitting sibilant hisses, eyes blaze,reddened with fire and with blood in a sanguine suffusion. Anguishedand pale at the sight, we scatter; they form into columns, SeekingLaocoön. First, each serpent entwines his two children’s tiny bodiesin coils of embrace and, poor little fellows, feasts upon limbs thatits jaws just crunch and ingest at a single gulp.Essays: please choose two of the following to write 250-350 words oneach. Cite the texts often to back up your claims. [2 x 30 for 60points]Please examine the roles of Helen in Xena “Beware Greeks BearingGifts” and the Trojan Women. Both are more “feminist” than Helen isdepicted in Homer certainly, but to what degree do you think this isthe case? How is Helen’s relationship with Menelaus in each? How isher relationship to other women?There are numerous depictions of children and childhood in the TrojanWomen and in Egil’s Saga. How do they compare? What do we learn aboutthe place of parenthood? How do their differences display the valuesof each culture?The role of loss (in any sense-people, countries, reputation) isprevalent in both Egil’s Saga and in the Aeneid. What kinds of lossare most strongly felt in each story? How do the characters cope withtheir losses? What is the most devastating thing to lose in eachepic?

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