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Unit 6 Annotated Bibliography Assignment
Kacey Smith
Purdue University Global
Please note that this is a sample Unit 6 Assignment to help inspire and guide your own
original writing of the assignment. Be sure to review the assignment instructions and grading
rubric, complete each task in the instructions, and contact the instructor with any questions.
Commented [S1]: The title page and document
are properly formatted in APA 6th edition style.
For tips on formatting, see the Writing Center’s
Citation Guides page:
Unit 6 Annotated Bibliography Assignment
Thesis statement: Despite assertions that bullying is just kids being kids, the behavior actually
comes from not understanding differences, disabilities, and specialness – a problem parents,
Commented [S2]: Don’t forget to include your
revised thesis statement!
educators, and others who work with children can use fiction to solve.
Constantinescu, C. & Samuels, C. A. (2016, September 6). Studies flag potential downside to
inclusion. Education Week. Retrieved from
Constantinescu and Samuels review studies that suggest inclusion of special education
students with typical peers can be problematic, particularly for younger children. In fact, several
studies indicated that typical children in kindergarten and first grade who have special needs
peers in their classes are more likely to have behavior issues, problems with social skills, and
Commented [S3]: Place the citation (using the
hanging indent) before the annotation.
Commented [S4]: The annotations need to
include a summary of the main idea of the source
(be sure to remember an in-text citation!), an
evaluation of that source’s credibility using the
criteria covered in units 5 and 6, and a reflection
on the source’s value to your project. Does it
support your thesis or offer a challenge or
misconception that you will need to rebut?
lower scores in reading and math (2016). The article describes the experience of one education
teacher who expressed concern that inclusion of special needs students in the classroom
negatively influences the behavior of other students by precipitating and increasing incidents of
verbal and/or physical conflict between the students (Constantinescu & Samuels, 2016).
Education Week has been publishing since 1981, and they cover different angles on an
array of education-related issues. The authors have published other articles in Education Week
and elsewhere. The topics are all about education, but not all are focused on inclusion or special
needs students, which helped me conclude that they do not have a biased agenda. Within the
article, they cite research studies to support their ideas, and this article was published in 2016,
making it recent.
This article could be seen as a challenge to my argument. Clearly, the described situation
is unacceptable, but inclusion is not the problem; it is a lack of strategies and support to teach all
Commented [S5]: Note that the annotation
clarifies that this source poses a challenge to the
student’s thesis.
students appropriate responses to conflict, which will help them to develop empathy and
understanding of differences.
National Center for Education Statistics (NCES). (2018, April). Children and youth with
disabilities. Retrieved from
This website has a helpful graphic from the U. S Department of Education that shows the
percent of students, classified by disability type, who had accommodations due to disabilities
during the 2015-2016 school year.
Figure 1. U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs,
Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA) database (2010).
Commented [S6]: Be sure to label figures. You
will find a source in the Unit 9 Writing Center
readings to help you with this:
As the graph shows, learning disabilities, which could include issues like dyslexia, are 34% of
Citing Graphics and Visuals in APA Style
those receiving special education services. Of the 6.7 million students (14% of the overall
enrollment in public schools) receiving special education services in this year, 9% had autism
and 6% had an “intellectual disability,” according to the U. S. Department of Education’s data
(as cited in NCES, 2018). In addition to this graph, the site has a graphic about the amount of
time that these children spend in general education classes:
Figure 2. U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs,
Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA) database.
As this graph indicates, a majority of children with special needs spend 80% of more of their
time in a general education classroom, a clear reason that typical children in those classrooms
need to better understand disabilities (as cited in NCES, 2018).
I believe the National Center for Education Statistics website is a credible place to find
statistics; the page was last updated in April 2018, and according to their home page, this center
is “the primary federal entity for collecting and analyzing data related to education,” and it is
housed within the U. S. Department of Education (NCES, “About Us,” n.d.).
5 (n.d.). Bullying and children and youth with disabilities and special health
needs. Retrieved from
This non-profit has developed numerous resources on its website to address the problem
of bullying and kids. The page titled “Bullying and Youth with Disabilities and Special Needs”
describes why children with special needs are more apt to be bullied, details how to create safer
environments for these children in a school setting, notes the role of federal Civil Rights
disabilities laws in this issue, and offers additional resources that could be helpful for parents,
such as a tip sheet on special health needs (StopBullying, n.d.)
On their “About Us” page, the organization notes that it draws information from various
government agencies and that it has an Editorial Board to review content that draws from people
in government agencies like the Department of Education, the Centers for Disease Control, and
the Department of Justice; furthermore, the site is maintained by the U.S. Department of Health
and Human Services (, n.d.). This site has a wealth of resources that will help
me to develop my point that special needs children need special protection from bullying.
Walsh, M. (2015). Your child with special needs is being bullied: What can you do? The
Exceptional Parent (Online), 45(9), 42-43.
Walsh examines the particular challenges that special needs children face when being
bullied and some reasons that they may be more likely to be targets of bullying. In particular, she
notes that typical children just may not understand behaviors and cognitive challenges that come
with disabilities like autism (Walsh, 2015). She also notes an important problem that can arise for
special needs children who are bullying victims—regression. This is when a child loses skills that
he or she had previously developed, and this can be a particular problem in the classroom since
these children already struggle to achieve academic success.
I found this article in the Purdue Global Library, which gives me confidence in its
reliability, but I also base my evaluation on the fact that this was published in 2015 and written
by a lawyer who specializes in advocating for children with disabilities. This article will help me
to support my claim that education is crucial for addressing bullying of special needs children as
well as why this is so important in a classroom setting—to address regression.
Cassidy, E. (2018, April 2). Twitter changes reporting form to include hate against people with
disabilities. The Mighty. Retrieved from
Constantinescu, C. & Samuels, C. A. (2016, September 6). Studies flag potential downside to
inclusion. Education Week. Retrieved from
Commented [S7]: A separate references page is
not required for the assignment, but it is useful to
practice! Also, this includes additional sources
that were used for the credibility evaluation
component of the annotation.
Commented [S8]: Remember key rules about
formatting the references page, such as using the
hanging indent, alphabetizing entries, and
ensuring that any sources listed here are cited intext as well. For more details on reference page
formatting and citations, see APA Style Central
and review the APA resources in Units 5 and 6.
National Center for Education Statistics (NCES). (2018, April). Children and youth with
disabilities. Retrieved from
National Center for Education Statistics (NCES). (n.d.). About us. Retrieved from (n.d.). About us. Retrieved from (n.d.). Bullying and children and youth with disabilities and special health
needs. Retrieved from
Walsh, M. & Krooks, L. (2015). Your child with special needs is being bullied: What can you
do? The Exceptional Parent (Online), 45(9), 42-43.
Commented [S9]: Remember the “sentence
level capitalization” rule for book, article, and
web page titles.
Includes a one- or two-sentence logical, persuasive, and problemsolving thesis statement with a claim and reason
Annotations include a summary of a key point in the source
Annotations include an evaluation of the source’s credibility using
concepts covered in Units 5 and 6
Annotations include a reflection about how the source will support or
challenge the thesis
Annotations are original (no direct quotation) with material from sources
summarized or paraphrased in the student’s own words
Annotates four sources from the listed categories
Sources are credible and appropriate for an academic audience
Includes a source that addresses a challenge to or misconception about
the student’s argument for change
Includes a source with a visual or graphic component
Quality of Writing
Annotation paragraphs are logically organized and well-developed
No major errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, or sentence structure
Writing is clear and concise
APA Style
Follows APA 6th edition guidelines for document formatting
Reference and in-text citations follow APA 6th edition guidelines
*Plagiarism violates the Purdue Global Code of Conduct. Plagiarism will result in a “0” grade.

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