SOLUTION: ECTA 523 BU Experiences & Instructional Procedures for Learning Objectives Discussion

I entered this course with no expectations. Each course in Education that I have
taken has been unique it’s own way, this one was no exception. I feel like I grew the
most learning and diving in deep to the Six Facets and I feel like I truly learned the
most using “WHERETO.” This class has made me rethink and reevaluate previous
lesson plans that I know I could have done more to offer my students a more
complete learning experience. I realize now that I could really benefit from learning
to focus on the individual learner. Gardner’s “Theory of Multiple Intelligences” is
great and should be used to help plan lessons and incorporate learning opportunities
for all learners, but it’s not a quick fix for student learning. I see how important it is to
get to know my students and to cater learning experiences to their specific and
unique needs. This is something that I know I’m going to have to continue to work at
so that I’m able to give my students what they need and deserve in terms of a wellrounded education that maximizes their learning. I’ve already looked back at several
of the lesson plans that make-up my Folio and I have made small adjustments so
that I am able to showcase my best plans.
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Collapse SubdiscussionHanna Butherus
Hanna Butherus
TuesdayFeb 16 at 10:58am
Manage Discussion Entry
When I first began this class I was not entirely too thrilled. I had previewed the
textbook, Understanding by Backwards Design, and felt like it was another
monotonous and time-consuming task that is given to teachers to complete.
Throughout my reading of the text though, I felt that most of the components of the
backwards design process are things that I already do as a teacher when creating
unit plans. I have found that the backwards design process ensures that teachers
not only begin with the end in mind, the standards and how they will be assessed,
but also the many components that go into teaching engaging and inclusive lessons
for all students. In my own completion of a backwards design unit, I easily created
daily lessons that corresponded to the standards I was assessing. But, when
completing the WHERETO and the facets of understanding I found that I needed to
revise and rethink some of the my lesson plans and aspects of my performance task
to cover all these aspects. With the help of my peer assessor, Katie, I feel like I
finally have created an engaging and inclusive unit for my students. Her reflection
upon my unit was insightful and gave me a new perspective to analysis my unit from.
This helped in finding errors, misconception, and flaws that were easily fixed.
Differing from my first initial thoughts on this class and the backwards design
process, I have come to understand its importance and its implications in the
classroom. I am planning to use the backwards design process to rework my yearly
units during summer break, to better prepare for the next school year.
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Collapse SubdiscussionMichael Polizzi
Michael Polizzi
WednesdayFeb 17 at 11:03am
Manage Discussion Entry
I entered this course slightly stressed and anxious because it is an upper level class,
but the atmosphere after our first meeting calmed my nerves. The expectations
became very clear allowing me to make sure I dedicated time each week to using
class discussion and projects to benefit me in the future. The class discussion were
good and being able to respond each week and see other peoples opinions on the
topics was insightful.
I think the most valuable project was the unit UbD project. I had used the style
occasionally in the past, but it was focused more on one week or just a single
lesson, never an entire unit. It made me really think about the need for organizing
my thoughts and putting them into words I could go back and easily understand.
Now that I am teaching and have a set curriculum I can keep taking the time to think
about the steps students will be taking along the way to reach our goal and the
resources and help I can give to get them there.
Overall I think this course was very useful because it allowed me the chance to learn
and practice something I will be using for the rest of my career.
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Collapse SubdiscussionBeth Lickteig
Beth Lickteig
YesterdayFeb 18 at 11:47am
Manage Discussion Entry
I felt slightly anxious about the class as well but was soon reminded that I DO know
how to do this. I agree this class was definitely beneficial to my classroom.
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Collapse SubdiscussionAmiee Jenkins
Amiee Jenkins
WednesdayFeb 17 at 5:07pm
Manage Discussion Entry
I have to admit, I was vaguely familiar with the backward design process. We talked
about it during professional development, but I honestly did not feel like it was
something that I had time to for. This class not only provided me with more insight
on the process (surprisedly, I did a lot of this stuff already), but it helped me focus on
knowing what I wanted my students to learn and how I wanted to learn it. After
learning more about the six facets and the “WHERETO”, I feel more confident when
it comes to preparing my unit plans.
I enjoyed how this class was set up. Learning from my classmates during the
discussions and having a unit plan reviewed by my peers gave me a better idea of
what I can do to become more of an effective educator in the classroom.
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Collapse SubdiscussionClaire Welker
Claire Welker
WednesdayFeb 17 at 5:54pm
Manage Discussion Entry
My Three Big Take-Aways:
The backwards design concept was not new for me, but creating an entire unit
start to finish using the principles from UbD was new. I usually create a lesson
and try to figure out which GLEs or learning standards align with my lesson. In
this class I was challenged to change my mindset and work in the opposite
direction and found that when you start with identifying your GLEs or learning
standards then it is easier to plan activities and assessments that are geared
towards meeting those GLEs and learning standards.
o Creating grading rubrics, scoring guides, and assessments that relate back
learning objectives and GLEs is essential. There is no point in testing a student’s
understanding of something that doesn’t adhere to your learning objectives. As a
teacher, I will not waste time or waste my students time by creating activities or
assessments that are not aligned with learning standards. I will make sure what
we are doing in the classroom is beneficial to students and their understanding of
the learning objectives.
o Basically, when you start with the end in mind, you create more meaningful
learning activities and assessments. It’s like when you plan a vacation! You start
with the destination in mind and you make specific plans on how to reach that
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Collapse SubdiscussionBeth Lickteig
Beth Lickteig
YesterdayFeb 18 at 11:45am
Manage Discussion Entry
I agree with creating grading rubrics being essential. I think sometimes in 1st grade
I’ve forgotten that these can be utilized, second semester at the least.
Again, I agree starting with the end allows for more meaningful learning activities to
be created as I found making this unit!
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Collapse SubdiscussionBeth Lickteig
Beth Lickteig
YesterdayFeb 18 at 11:42am
Manage Discussion Entry
I really enjoyed making the UBD unit plan! It allowed me to be reminded of all the
aspects of learning that can be brought into the classroom. Teachers often get
caught up in the ‘time crunch’ and find it difficult to allow for extensions in the
classroom. I can not wait to incorporate this unit in my classroom!
I will now have this information fresh in my mind and this unit in hand to help
improve further lesson plans.
The WHERETO’s are so helpful in making sure lessons are meaningful and as a
teacher that I’ve thought about what I want my students to leran or gain from the
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Collapse SubdiscussionClaire Welker
Claire Welker
YesterdayFeb 18 at 3:52pm
Manage Discussion Entry
I agree! I thought the WHERETO perspective was a refreshing new way to rethink
and reflect on my lessons and unit plans!
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Collapse SubdiscussionKatherine Switzer
Katherine Switzer
YesterdayFeb 18 at 7:50pm
Manage Discussion Entry
This is one of two classes I need to graduate. I am so excited to be done. When I
entered the course, looked at the textbook and the syllabus, I was a little worried that
the assignments would be things that I just “walked through.” I have designed MANY
units using the MBU lesson plan and when I entered my first year, I realized that
very rarely do I have to actually have lessons planned out to that extent.
I think the most beneficial thing assigned through this course would be the
discussions. Sometimes they seem repetitive, but not in this course. The discussions
lining with the text was intriguing. The WHERETO and the facets were probably my
biggest takeaway!
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