SOLUTION: ENG 111 George Mason University Media Perceptions on Medical Hoaxes Essay

Prewriting and
Generating Ideas
This presentation covers some prewriting techniques.
You’ll be using one of these to plan Writing Assignment
1, and you’ll submit the prewriting as Journal 2.
š“To learn to write is to learn to have ideas” Robert Frost
š Generating ideas so we can develop our positions and prepare to
respond to others who will join the conversation
š Just begin! Get some notes on paper, some plans, even a weak first
Remember the writing process is
In other words, you may need to
revist stages as you draft and
For example, during the revision
process, you may need to return
to the prewriting and invention
stage to generate more ideas.
Writing Process
š Here are steps in the process.
Sample Freewriting
• Writing nonstop, without
censoring ideas, for a set
period of time
• Get ideas on paper to
improve thinking and
generate ideas
• Sample freewrite appears
on right. Topic is a response
to Gloria Jiménez’s
“Against the Odds, and
Against the Common
Jiménez makes generally strong argument. Considers
multiple points of opposition. She doesn’t, however,
consider that if one state eliminates the lottery, people
will simply drive to other states. So if Georgia doesn’t
have a lottery, people would drive to Alabama to
play. Maybe that’s a weak counterargument though.
It would be a long way to drive in a state like Texas or
California. Also, how would states make up the lost
revenue. I generally agree with her points against
state-run lotteries. Am I bias though? I don’t ever play
the lottery.
Notes on Freewriting
Note the writer jumps around here, exploring different
ideas and approaches.
Sample Listing

In listing, a writer creates a list of
ideas, similar to a shopping list or
list of tasks.

Jotting one idea can generate
another and another.

For example, if I’m making a list
of tasks I need to do, and first on
the list is buying my best friend a
birthday gift at a bookstore , I
might also remember I need to
pick up a gift certificate for my
niece or return a pair of shoes to
the shoe store next to the

On the right is a list a student
created to respond to a larger
-Overfishing: What species are impacted? Tuna,
sharks, grouper? People and other animals eat all.
-Environmental impact: If sharks eat tuna, what
happens where there are less tuna? Are reefs
impacted? Water quality could be related.
-Economic impact: Tourism industry could be affected.
Think about deep sea charters, diving, snorkeling,
Notes on Listing
Note the writer jots down ideas and that others occur
as he goes. He can choose ideas and questions here
for deeper analysis or research.
Clustering or
š A diagram or cluster is another
way to generate ideas.
š Here, the writer has begun to
generate ideas about fracking,
starting with the general term
and branching off to the
possible impacts. She can now
take these ideas and develop
them further.

The student on the previous side
could also generate questions and
What is fracking?
What is the value of fracking?
What are the consequences of
What should we do about the
environmental impact of fracking?
What is my evidence against
Journal 2
š Use one of these methods to prewriting for Writing Assignment 2
š You’ll submit your prewriting as Journal 2.
Writing Assignment 2
Choose only one option.
For this assignment, you will:
1. Create an essay response to one of the articles from Lesson 4, which are provided again in Lesson
5. You don’t have to choose the same article you worked with for Writing Assignment 1, but if you
do, you cannot copy any direct wording from Writing Assignment 1.
2. You can agree, disagree, or some combination of both.
3. You will add one additional source, an article of your choice found in the Palm Beach State
College Library Catalog. See the link in the lesson for instructions on logging in and locating the
article. Your second source must come from the library and not a Google or other
Internet search. The college and department require that library research be done in this class,
and this first assignment will help you learn how to use the college library ahead of the final research
4. You should have a introduction with a thesis with your position; body paragraphs with support
from both articles and support from your own ideas; response to objections; a conclusion; and a
Works Cited.
This week, in Journal 1, you will submit a plan for your paper using one of the methods I provided,
along with your second source. I will give you feedback on your plan and approve the second source
and then you can begin to draft so you can submit Writing Assignment 2 in Lesson 6 on 2/24/2021.
For Journal 2, you will submit A) prewriting and B) the citation information for the second source
you are planning to use.
You can use any of the 4 prewriting methods from the lesson.
Attach the prewriting here:
Submission Option 1: If you handwrite your prewriting, scan or attach a picture of the prewriting.
Then, type the citation information into the Write Submission box.
Submission Option 2: If you type your prewriting add the citation information for your second source
to the same document and attach here as a Word or PDF.
Attached Files

Opinion | Raising the Ritalin Generation – The New York Times.pdf Opinion | Raising the Ritalin
Generation – The New York Times.pdf – Alternative Formats (310.687

Opinion | College Football During Covid-19 Teaches the Wrong Lessons – The New York
Times.pdf Opinion | College Football During Covid-19 Teaches the Wrong Lessons – The New York
Times.pdf – Alternative Formats(609.305

Opinion | ‘But I Saw It on Facebook’: Hoaxes Are Making Doctors’ Jobs Harder – The New York
Times.pdf Opinion | ‘But I Saw It on Facebook’: Hoaxes Are Making Doctors’ Jobs Harder – The New York
Times.pdf – Alternative Formats(2.027
You’ll be responding to one of these 2 articles for Writing Assignment 2. You can
choose the same article you worked with for Writing Assignment 1, but don’t copy any
material you wrote in Writing Assignment 1. You’re also free to choose one of the other
two articles if you want to work with something new!
Here is a link with tutorials to help you access the library catalog. Scroll down to Student
Resources and then the arrow next to Tutorials/Reference Videos. There are 4 videos
that explain how to log in, how to use the catalog, and how to search.
Remember: your second source for Writing Assignment 2 must be an article from the
PBSC Library Catalog.
Here’s a quick video I made that shows you how to access the library through the
Blackboard homepage: I still recommend you view the library videos above as the
librarians are skilled at explaining how to use and search the catalog effectively.

Citations for this assignment.
The article you chose from the New York Times has no page numbers. When
you quote, use a signal phrase with the author’s name to introduce quotes.Use
the same format as Journal 1 and Writing Assignment
Examples: Kevin Ryan argues, Kevin Ryan describes, etc.
and follow up with the quotation in quotation marks, and end with your
explanation. For two authors, use both authors’ names. Allison Brown and Karen
White describe, Brown and White explain, etc.
If there are no page numbers and you will be naming the author in the
signal phrase, you won’t need anything in parentheses. But make sure
you name the author in signal phrases. The article that you use in the
library database may have page numbers. If it does, add the page
number in parentheses after quotes and paraphrases.
Use the full name the first time you quote authors and then the last
name in subsequent quotes.
Below is how to cite for the Works Cited.
One author for the New York Times article:
Author last name, author first name. “Article Title.” Newspaper or Magazine, Date,
web address.
Ryan, Kevin. “Not One Young American Should Have to Spend the Night Sleeping on the
Streets.” Vice Magazine, 22 Feb.
Two authors for the New York Times article:
Author last name, first name and author first name last name. “Article Title.”
Newspaper or Magazine, Date, web address.
Doshi, Peter and Eric Topol. “These Coronavirus Trials Don’t Answer the One Question We
Need to Know.” New York Times,
22 Sep.2020,
Library Sources
Article in an online joruanl
Dolby, Nadine. “Research in Youth Culture and Policy: Current Conditions and Future
Directions.” Social Work
and Society: The International Online-Only Journal, vol. 6, no. 2, 2008, Accessed 20 May 2009.
Article in an online database:
Alonso, Alvaro, and Julio A. Camargo. “Toxicity of Nitrite to Three Species of
Freshwater Invertebrates.”
Environmental Toxicology, vol. 21, no. 1, 3 Feb. 2006, pp. 90-94. Wiley Online
doi:10.1002/tox.20155. Accessed 26 May 2009.

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