SOLUTION: Harvard University The Job Market Based on Your Educational Level Discussion

Reflection Essay
Discuss your options in the job market based on your educational level.
My educational level is the Bachelor of Science in Nursing. At job market bachelorette nurse has more opportunities
to practice in specialty areas and put one in a path that lead to supervisory and managerial positions. The
managerial and supervisory positions require more in-depth knowledge and skills that a BSN nurse would have
achieved through the four-year course program. According to the survey conducted by the American Association of
Colleges of Nursing, it shows that 82.1 % of employers prefer nurses with Bachelor’s degrees over their
counterparts with an associate degree. My career options in the market include working as a clinical hospital nurse,
working as a non-hospital nurse, or working as a nonclinical nurse. As a clinical hospital nurse, I will work in clinics,
hospitals, and clinician officers. My work in the hospital involves working in different departments, such as intensive
care units, theater, wards, cardiac units, etc. Secondly, working as a nonclinical hospital nurse includes working in
administrative offices of the health facility. Lastly, as a prepared BSN nurse, I would work as a non-hospital nurse in
places like nursing homes, insurance companies, head of nurse’s units, and government organizations.
Describe what professional certification and advanced degree you want to pursue and explain why you want to
attain the education.
The second key of IOM reports is the urge for the nurses to achieve a higher level of education and training through
nursing education. Linking to this recommendation, I would like to further my education and certification
immediately after completing my Bachelor’s degree. Due to my huge interest and passion for caring for the sick, I
would like to be an Oncology Certified Nurse. Being empathetic to the patient and providing holistic care, especially
those who are the end stage of dying. It provides an opportunity for learning since there are 2000 hours of field
training and ten nursing education contacts.
Nevertheless, the nurses have to take an online test to test their knowledge in the oncology field. Four years after
attaining my Oncology Certified Nurse certificate (OCNC), I would seek to advance my education by enrolling in the
MSN course. After securing a Registered Nurse title (RN), It would only take me two years to complete my master’s
program. As a result, enrolling in masters, I would have opened new and more opportunities in the healthcare
industry. Having been certified oncology, I will have an easier time achieving my dreams as an oncology consultant.
Researching various treatment modalities of cancer and more related to the field. As a master student, I will be
exposed to current trends and issues, thus helping me remain relevant and useful.
Discuss how increasing your education level would affect your competitiveness in the current job market and your
role in the future of nursing.
About The Future of Nursing, the present transformation of the practice environment and healthcare system needs
a corresponding nursing education transformation. The IOM reports still have the same nursing education goals,
including preparing nurses to meet the patient’s demand, advance science, and function as leaders. As such, to work
collaboratively with other healthcare workers; however, the nurses need to have achieved a higher level of
education. The more educated I will be, the more I become competent in vital areas such as system thinking,
evidence-based practice, leadership and teamwork, and collaboration. The complexity in patient care requires more
advanced technology to aid the nurses as they make critical decisions. Studies have shown that hospitals with a
higher percentage of baccalaureate nurses tend to have a better patient outcome. Most of this outcome is
associated with a high proportion of BSN nurses linked with cost savings. As such, nursing education is associated
with a better outcome. Based on the data presented by Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN)
at the Committee’s July Workshop shows that mean job placement for BSN and maters holders has remained
relatively steady while for those holding associates degree has decreased. In today’s market, BSN nurses are
considered competitive than their counterparts, the associates or diploma nurses, as most employers prefer the
BSN prepared nurse. As a well BSN-prepared nurse, I would like to hold a managerial position seat in one of the
biggest healthcare systems. Through the use of position, I will encourage nurses to join advanced programs and
more so for the associate nurses to enroll in the BSN program.
Discuss the relationship of continuing nursing education to competency, attitudes, knowledge, and ANA scope and
standard for practice and code of Ethics.
There is an assumption that the nurse becomes competent once he or she has been licensed but has never been the
case. The ultimate purpose of continued education is to improve the professional practice of nursing and transfer
knowledge in the care of the patients. Competencies achieved in nursing education include increased use of the
evidenced-based practice, improved patient outcomes, increased personal knowledge, and improved professional
networking. On knowledge, the nurse will be in a position to provide safe and effective treatment to the patients;
nurses get to know the new trends in nursing, exploring new technology since nurses get to explore new
technologies as they learn. Thirdly, the attitude of the nurses to patient care. In essence, the nurse will effectively
and proficiently coordinate care by collaborating with other healthcare teams and gaining new knowledge from
their peers. The nurses are exposed to conferences where they meet and interact with their colleagues. Lastly, the
existing relationship between ANA Codes and standards for practice and code of ethics and continued education
makes the code in-depth what is all about nursing practice. The nurses will more expose to issues regarding the
patient’s human rights and situations that need critical thinking and decision making.
Discuss whether continuing nursing education should be mandatory.
Continued education for nurses should not be mandatory because not all the nurses who wish to further their
education for various reasons. For instance, a nurse might decide not to advance her education because her age
cannot allow her. Another reason for stopping continued education is after reaching certain educational
qualification levels that he or she thinks is appropriate for him. These are the reasons which can hinder the nurses
from continuing with their education; therefore, such allowances should be allowed. Nevertheless, the nurses
should be encouraged to continue with their education to help them to specialize in various areas that need
specialization. Specialized programs such as seminars, continuous medical education (CME) should be incorporated
in an organization where nurses are enlightened on the current trends in practice, thus remaining relevant.
Steven District Hospital Part I
Analysis of existing information from Stevens District
Hospital strategic planning scenario
Low medical malpractice claims along with the belligerent
superiority management program
Perceived strength (internal)
Analysis of existing information from Stevens District
Hospital strategic planning scenario
Perceived strength (internal)
Based on this case (strategic planning scenario), I will
basically offer several strengths as per the reading.
Stevens’ district hospital strength internal is low medical
malpractice claims along with the belligerent superiority
management program. For the incoming physicians, this
can basically be strength. A doctor will not desire to take
jeopardy in a hospital which may actually be neglecting
patients (no patients’ safety equipment or rules.
However, this strength may not actually be necessary due
to physician handling inaccurate process or doctor
lacking current accreditations and credentials to operate
Mission & vision
Offering excellent health care
The Stevens’ district hospital presently contains 3 families
perform or carry out physician which include one noninvasive cardiologist, one medical oncologist, and one
obstetrician. According to Stevens district hospital vision
and mission, they like to employ at least 6 families
perform doctors hence specialist in women’s services,
cardiology as well as oncology. With the doctors’
workforce, it will ensure patients have one-stop
experience hence avoiding them traveling across the
town looking for expert referred by main care physician.
In addition, more doctors will increase patients’ volume
per day. The Stevens district hospital mission is to offer
excellent care through comprehensive service range (Ng,
Leung, Johnston, & Cowling, 2013). The major benefit of
having high doctors is because it will let them to probably
schedule an extra appointment within a day.
Analysis of existing information from Stevens District
Hospital strategic planning scenario
Perception of care
Perceived weakness (internal)
Analysis of existing information from Stevens District
Hospital strategic planning scenario
Staff and physicians shortage
Perceived weakness (internal)
The incoming doctor or medical staff along with patients
will basically be lowered because of other surrounding
hospitals’ competition with upgrading equipment. If the
service offered is better from a hospital having current
equipment then most of the patients will be willing to go
in that hospital. Based on the monetary summary, there
is depreciation from the previous year. The Stevens
District Hospital should modernize several factors (if
plans to keep the staff). A doctors’ network narrow will
mainly discourage the patient from coming to their
hospital. Various insurance needs assigned doctors, for
instance, if the doctor is not bonded with insurance he or
she will not be paid for their own services. most of the
times a patient may not be conscious about in-network
term hence gets angry a lot when they are required to
pay complete cost for the visit if not so the doctor never
gets paid completely.
Stevens’ district hospital having low staffs in most of the
time does not permit medical staffs physicians to
perform the flow of conveying more patients.
Additionally, patients are moving to their comfort zone
since in this hospital facility can’t accommodate different
patients’ sizes or ages. Patients are also moving to
hospitals where they can get excellent care and are
pleased with the service and due to doctors’ shortage,
patients are tired of sitting around waiting (hence causing
a problem on services scheduling). Shortage of
specialized doctors in Stevens’ district hospital makes
patients look for other hospitals with enough and
specialized doctors. Several marketing tactics are actually
needed in this hospital to guarantee doctors that safety
equipment will be supplied to assist with particular
Analysis of existing information from Stevens District
Hospital strategic planning scenario
Competitor technology
Perceived opportunity (external)
Analysis of existing information from Stevens District
Hospital strategic planning scenario
Population growth
Perceived opportunity (external)
Analysis of existing information from Stevens District
Hospital strategic planning scenario
Perceived threat (external)
Having that Stevens district hospital contain rivalry with
other different county hospitals or facilities, it may end
up failing due to not having current or updated
technology. Doctors, as well as patients, basically have evisit access; the feature, in this case, will permit doctors
to reach out the patients from rural areas via
telecommunication. Current technology such as Skype
allows the doctor and patient to speak over the visual
app, therefore limiting the traveling of doctor to speak
with the patients. Additionally, it allows the doctor to
contain access to patient’s medical as well as
demographic history which helps in surgery.
The new automotive factory which is coming to the
county, there will basically be new jobs opportunities
opening up which may assist to lower the rate of
unemployment in the county. However, the coming or
awaiting manufacturing plant will be open up 300
administrative along with 1,500 production line jobs. The
workforce will be offered with health check insurances
that should facilitate more patients with the government
insurance plan and commercial insurances to coming in
(Uhrenfeldt, et al., 2014).
Because of other different county hospitals or facilities
upgrade, it has typically drawn a lot of market share to
Stevens’ district hospital. In most of the time, the
victorious organization tends to use advertisement to
market their services and products (what past population
will say concerning the service). Stevens’ district hospital
could basically create a website to reflect the services
they offer as well as introduce new urgent care to
accommodate those who may needs stitches or have a
common cold.
Analysis of existing information from Stevens District
Hospital strategic planning scenario
Facility upgrade
Perceived threat (external)
Hospitals or facilities in other different counties have
actually upgraded or changed their equipment in order to
accommodate the current technology which is mainly
provided within the industry of healthcare (new x-rays
and MRI machines). Different patients’ size
accommodation, for instance, bariatric patients there are
(wider chairs and beds) brought in. with the current
equipment implementation, patients usually feel this best
outfit them by hospital and location perception.
Steven District Hospital Part II
Identify a clear, actionable, and measurable technology goal for the organization that clearly supports the
mission and vision
The introduction of patient engagement tools to Stevens District Hospital is its primary
technology goal. These tools include SMS appointment reminders and healthcare apps. The SMS
appointment reminders alerts patients about appointments with physicians, thereby reducing cases of
negligence (Prey et al., 2014). The healthcare apps can help patients access their health records and
manage their medications without visiting the hospital.
Analyze how this goal supports the mission and vision of the hospital
The introduction of patient engagement supports the hospital’s mission by improving access to
healthcare services within and outside the hospital premises. SMS appointment reminders ensures that
patients honor doctor’s appointments by visiting the hospital and getting high-quality care. The
healthcare app ensures that the patients receive this care at home. This technological goal helps the
hospital achieve its vision by expanding healthcare services to cover patients who visit the hospitals and
those who receive care at home.
Explain how you would measure progress toward the goal
Discuss milestones necessary for progress
The progress towards the attainment of this goal would be measured by the quantity of phone
numbers possessed by the hospitals. The possession of these numbers is a milestone that would indicate
that the SMS appointment technology would be successful (Graffigna, Barello, & Riva, 2013). Another
milestone for success is the number of downloads of the healthcare app. This healthcare app will be
uploaded onto the company website where the number of downloads will be monitored. An increase in
this number will be a positive indicator of progress towards the attainment of patient engagement.
Discuss the criteria you would use to measure that the goal was completed
The success of this goal will be measured by the number of doctors’ appointments that have not
been honored and the number of patient visits that can be addressed through the healthcare app. A
reduction in the number of incomplete appointments will indicate that this technological goal has been
achieved. Another indicator of success will be the reduction in the number of patient visits whose
diagnosis and medication procedures can be done at home.
Marketing Strategy Implementation
Determine any strategic partnerships the department store chain could develop that would help promote
the higher-ranged-priced products and support the expansion in the west coast.
Coca-Cola has strategically partnered with Saks Fifth Avenue to help promote a quality brand at one of
the leading department store. Coke is known for the simple design and will continue to be simple, but
with a high quality material. Coke’s new product launch will include clothing wear, foot wear, hand soaps
and bubble bath, cookware and swim wear. Coke started promoting the new product on the carton
boxes of soda 6 months before the actual line started at Saks Fifth Avenue. In 2015, Coca-Cola’s earnings
jumped 19 percent in the quarter to $3.1 billion, or 71 cents a share, from $2.6 billion, or 58 cents a
share, in the same period last year. Sales declined 3 percent, to $12.2 billion, from $12.6 billion a year
ago. Nonetheless, profits are up 19% despite the lower sales. ( Partnering with Saks
Fifth Avenue and launching a new product line in 2016 will claim a steady and successful increase in Coke
sales by 2017. Coke will have a competitive advantage over the competition because other beverage
brands are not promoting their brand in department stores. Saks Fifth Avenue will be sure to also have
an increase in sales over Macy’s or Nordstrom’s. The forecast for the sales in the West Coast are
projected to almost a 30% sales increase for both of the partnerships.
Coke is a brand driven company, by partnering with Saks Avenue will the loyal consumers will have the
opportunity to share the love for their favorite brand by wearing, cook with it and using soap products on
a daily basis. Saks Fifth Avenue is renowned for their window displays. Saks started the promotion of the
Coca-Cola line months before opening day of new product line. One of the display windows in a
California Saks store, feature a beach scene with family of mannequins dressed in the Coca-Cola swim
wear unpacking the picnic basket and pulling sandwiches and coke cans out of the basket. The
development of this display was marketed toward the West Coast region to represent the beaches and
the sunny days that California has to offer. The next display feature an old Hollywood theme with a
Marilyn Monroe mannequin cooking in a kitchen, wearing Coca-Cola gear and using the new product line
of the Coca- Cola cook ware. This new product line expansion will bring value to both of the brands
involved. The campaign will be effective once the marketer convey a clear understanding the target
segment what the value of the clothing line entails. The swim wear line will play a major factor for the
West Coast.
Construct a strategy for managing the higher-ranged product brands. Provide a rationale for your strategy
As mentioned, Coca-Cola had started promoting the new products on the carton boxes of the products in
the grocery stores. The boxes contained 10% off coupons for Coca-Cola products brought at the
partnered store, Saks Fifth Avenue. Managing the high-ranged-priced product would start with a creative
strategy in advertising. According to the text, the creative strategy is guided by the market target and the
positioning for the product or brand. The creative theme seeks effectively communicate the intended
positioning to buyers and others influencing the purchase of the brand. Coca-Cola marketing plans to
communicate the quality and value of the product to justify the high-end price. The get what your pay for
campaign promotes the durable material through trial promotion to communicate to the public. The
Coca-Cola boxes will include a baby t-shirt with the Coke logo on it. The t-shir …
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