SOLUTION: IT 446 Saudi Electronic University Blackboard Programming Project

Attached. Please let me know if you have any questions or need revisions.College of Computing and InformaticsPROJECT – Phase IDeadline: Thursday 25/02/2021 @ 23:59[Total Mark for this Project Phase I is 5]Student Details:Name1: ###(Leader)ID1: ###Name2: ###ID2: ###Name3: ###ID3: ###CRN: ###Name4:###ID4: ###Instructions:• This project report must be submitted on Blackboard (WORD format only) via the allocated folder.••••••Only the group leader submits the reportYou are advised to make your work clear and well-presented; marks may be reduced for poor presentationEmail submission will not be accepted.Late submission will result in ZERO mark.The work should be your own, copying from students or other resources will result in ZERO mark.Use Times New Roman font for all your answers.Question OnePg. 01LearningOutcome(s):1Explain differentdata mining tasks,problems and thealgorithms mostappropriate foraddressing themQuestion OneSelect one of the datasets from UCI Machine Learning Repositories( OR use your own dataset if available.Forest Fires Dataset0.5 MarksQuestion TwoPg. 02LearningOutcome(s): 2Apply andevaluate dataQuestion TwoThe dataset may follow the following requirements (Data description)a) Number of instances: between 300-500b) Number of attributes: between 10 to 15mining algorithmswith respect toproblems they arespecificallydesigned for.400 instancesb) 11 attributesa)0.5 MarksQuestion ThreePg. 03LearningOutcome(s):1Question ThreePrepare a CSV OR ARFF format data file of the data.Explain differentdata mining tasks,problems and thealgorithms mostappropriate foraddressing them.ARFF format data file0.5 MarksPg. 04Question ThreePg. 05Question ThreeQuestion FourPg. 06LearningOutcome(s):1Question FourLoad the dataset in Weka.Explain differentdata mining tasks,problems and thealgorithms mostappropriate foraddressing them.0.5 MarksQuestion FivePg. 07LearningOutcome(s): 2Apply andevaluate datamining algorithmswith respect toproblems they arespecificallydesigned for.Question Five0.5 MarksUsing the selected dataset extract these information’s, like number of attributes, type ofattributes, class attribute.Pg. 08Question FiveQuestion SixPg. 09LearningOutcome(s): 2Apply andQuestion Six0.5 MarksIn the preprocessing step, remove some of the values from an attribute and give us asolution to handle this problem using Weka.evaluate datamining algorithmswith respect toproblems they arespecificallydesigned for.SolutionIn the Google Sheets, I hovered the mouse over the column letter and deleted thetwo zeroes and subsequent commas of each row of the data since they were irrelevant.I also removed other punctuation symbols (especially single or double quotes). Iutilized a global search-and-replace operations series whereby I replaced all theoccurrences of any symbol with nothing. (With Google Sheets, utilize Edit->Find andreplace.)Pg. 10Question SixQuestion SevenPg. 11LearningOutcome(s): 2Apply andevaluate datamining algorithmswith respect toproblems they arespecificallydesigned for.Question Seven2 MarksDo a basic preprocessing to the dataset such Data Cleaning, Data reduction andNormalization etc.Pg. 12Question SevenPg. 13Question SevenAttached. Please let me know if you have any questions or need revisions.@relation forestfires@attribute outlook {X,Y,month,day,FFMC,DMC,DC,ISI,temp,RH,wind,rain,area}@data 7,5,mar,fri,86.2,26.2,94.3,5.1,8.2,51,6.7,0,0 7,4,oct,tue,90.6,35.4,669.1,6.7,18,33,0.9,0,07,4,oct,sat,90.6,43.7,686.9,6.7,14.6,33,1.3,0,0 8,6,mar,fri,91.7,33.3,77.5,9,8.3,97,4,0.2,08,6,mar,sun,89.3,51.3,102.2,9.6,11.4,99,1.8,0,0 8,6,aug,sun,92.3,85.3,488,14.7,22.2,29,5.4,0,08,6,aug,mon,92.3,88.9,495.6,8.5,24.1,27,3.1,0,0 8,6,aug,mon,91.5,145.4,608.2,10.7,8,86,2.2,0,08,6,sep,tue,91,129.5,692.6,7,13.1,63,5.4,0,0 7,5,sep,sat,92.5,88,698.6,7.1,22.8,40,4,0,07,5,sep,sat,92.5,88,698.6,7.1,17.8,51,7.2,0,0 7,5,sep,sat,92.8,73.2,713,22.6,19.3,38,4,0,06,5,aug,fri,63.5,70.8,665.3,0.8,17,72,6.7,0,0 6,5,sep,mon,90.9,126.5,686.5,7,21.3,42,2.2,0,06,5,sep,wed,92.9,133.3,699.6,9.2,26.4,21,4.5,0,0 6,5,sep,fri,93.3,141.2,713.9,13.9,22.9,44,5.4,0,05,5,mar,sat,91.7,35.8,80.8,7.8,15.1,27,5.4,0,0 8,5,oct,mon,84.9,32.8,664.2,3,16.7,47,4.9,0,06,4,mar,wed,89.2,27.9,70.8,6.3,15.9,35,4,0,0 6,4,apr,sat,86.3,27.4,97.1,5.1,9.3,44,4.5,0,06,4,sep,tue,91,129.5,692.6,7,18.3,40,2.7,0,0 5,4,sep,mon,91.8,78.5,724.3,9.2,19.1,38,2.7,0,07,4,jun,sun,94.3,96.3,200,56.1,21,44,4.5,0,0 7,4,aug,sat,90.2,110.9,537.4,6.2,19.5,43,5.8,0,07,4,aug,sat,93.5,139.4,594.2,20.3,23.7,32,5.8,0,0 7,4,aug,sun,91.4,142.4,601.4,10.6,16.3,60,5.4,0,07,4,sep,fri,92.4,117.9,668,12.2,19,34,5.8,0,0 7,4,sep,mon,90.9,126.5,686.5,7,19.4,48,1.3,0,06,3,sep,sat,93.4,145.4,721.4,8.1,30.2,24,2.7,0,0 6,3,sep,sun,93.5,149.3,728.6,8.1,22.8,39,3.6,0,06,3,sep,fri,94.3,85.1,692.3,15.9,25.4,24,3.6,0,0 6,3,sep,mon,88.6,91.8,709.9,7.1,11.2,78,7.6,0,06,3,sep,fri,88.6,69.7,706.8,5.8,20.6,37,1.8,0,0 6,3,sep,sun,91.7,75.6,718.3,7.8,17.7,39,3.6,0,06,3,sep,mon,91.8,78.5,724.3,9.2,21.2,32,2.7,0,0 6,3,sep,tue,90.3,80.7,730.2,6.3,18.2,62,4.5,0,06,3,oct,tue,90.6,35.4,669.1,6.7,21.7,24,4.5,0,0 7,4,oct,fri,90,41.5,682.6,8.7,11.3,60,5.4,0,07,3,oct,sat,90.6,43.7,686.9,6.7,17.8,27,4,0,0 4,4,mar,tue,88.1,25.7,67.6,3.8,14.1,43,2.7,0,04,4,jul,tue,79.5,60.6,366.7,1.5,23.3,37,3.1,0,0 4,4,aug,sat,90.2,96.9,624.2,8.9,18.4,42,6.7,0,04,4,aug,tue,94.8,108.3,647.1,17,16.6,54,5.4,0,0 4,4,sep,sat,92.5,88,698.6,7.1,19.6,48,2.7,0,04,4,sep,wed,90.1,82.9,735.7,6.2,12.9,74,4.9,0,0 5,6,sep,wed,94.3,85.1,692.3,15.9,25.9,24,4,0,05,6,sep,mon,90.9,126.5,686.5,7,14.7,70,3.6,0,0 6,6,jul,mon,94.2,62.3,442.9,11,23,36,3.1,0,04,4,mar,mon,87.2,23.9,64.7,4.1,11.8,35,1.8,0,0 4,4,mar,mon,87.6,52.2,103.8,5,11,46,5.8,0,04,4,sep,thu,92.9,137,706.4,9.2,20.8,17,1.3,0,0 4,3,aug,sun,90.2,99.6,631.2,6.3,21.5,34,2.2,0,04,3,aug,wed,92.1,111.2,654.1,9.6,20.4,42,4.9,0,0 4,3,aug,wed,92.1,111.2,654.1,9.6,20.4,42,4.9,0,04,3,aug,thu,91.7,114.3,661.3,6.3,17.6,45,3.6,0,0 4,3,sep,thu,92.9,137,706.4,9.2,27.7,24,2.2,0,04,3,sep,tue,90.3,80.7,730.2,6.3,17.8,63,4.9,0,0 4,3,oct,sun,92.6,46.5,691.8,8.8,13.8,50,2.7,0,02,2,feb,mon,84,9.3,34,2.1,13.9,40,5.4,0,0 2,2,feb,fri,86.6,13.2,43,5.3,12.3,51,0.9,0,02,2,mar,sun,89.3,51.3,102.2,9.6,11.5,39,5.8,0,0 2,2,mar,sun,89.3,51.3,102.2,9.6,5.5,59,6.3,0,02,2,aug,thu,93…

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