SOLUTION: Kean University Business Memo

Date: 01/20/21
Re: Proposal Idea
Organization: I work for an home health aid where we assist those with mental illnesses. The company
provides well trained home health aids to people who may require assistances.
Data on paper: We are currently keeping data in file cabinets labeled alphabetically; each file contains
employees personal information and also holds every client they have ever assisted. Each client comes
with a detailed summary on the activities they have done throughout the week.
Solution: I believe that we should include a new program that allows employees to enter the required
information above digitally; a site where employees may login and provide the information that is
asked. Adding this new program would benefits the company in many ways and improve the state’s
Date: 01/20/21
Re: Proposal Idea
Organization: I work for an home health aid where we assist those with mental illnesses. The company
provides well trained home health aids to people who may require assistances.
Data on paper: We are currently keeping data in file cabinets labeled alphabetically; each file contains
employees personal information and also holds every client they have ever assisted. Each client comes
with a detailed summary on the activities they have done throughout the week.
Solution: I believe that we should include a new program that allows employees to enter the required
information above digitally; this will be a Microsoft Access database that I will create, this
site will be where employees may login and provide the information that is asked. Adding this new
program would benefits the company in many ways and improve the state’s satisfaction..
Information Systems Database Proposal
Managing Information Systems
Database Proposal
Client: Crestmont Country Club
Information Systems Database Proposal
Scope of Project:
I have been working at Crestmont Country Club since August 2015 where I began as a
bus boy in the kitchen officially known as the Catering Department. In my experiences in college
I was able to suggest a comprehensive overhaul of the Crestmont Country Club’s electronic webbased system which ultimately replaced an aging paper-process with a more computer efficient
system. Since the beginning of the country club things have always been old fashioned. The file
cabinet system has become incredible difficult to manage and handle. Times have changed over
the years to where managing information has become more efficient when on a computerized
system. With the knowledge gained in managing information systems I have been able to
understand the true meaning of information and its contents. Recently our company billing
information has changed to a new web-based system instead of paper checks. With this
Crestmont Country club has saved time and money and avoided human error in processing
checks. Overall, it is with this knowledge that such information is possible, with my skills in the
country club, I am prepared to change the way the Current member filling system is handled.
Organization: Crestmont Country Club
Crestmont Country Club is a privately owned country club with rich history dating back
to 1900’s. Crestmont Country Club is located in West Orange, New Jersey, a hidden treasure in
the heart of Essex County, New Jersey and a mere half-hour drive from midtown Manhattan.
A member-owned, family-oriented club, Crestmont features a championship golf course, one of
only a handful personally designed by famous Scottish architect Donald Ross. Anchored by an
expansive, recently redecorated clubhouse, Crestmont offers casual and gourmet dining, and both
family-oriented and upscale social events. We are one of the area’s foremost venues for
weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs, business meetings, holiday parties, and golf outings. Additional,
Crestmont facilities include a state-of-the-art fitness center, a tennis program, comprehensive
golf practice facilities, and an Olympic-size swimming pool featuring a separate clubhouse,
dining, and bar service accommodations.
Crestmont country club has around 400 members who pay annually to use the golf course
and other food services. Several hundred members visit annually to enjoy the festivities that take
Information Systems Database Proposal
place inside/outside the club. Our club hosts a wide variety of people that allow them to partake
in eating food from our world class chiefs. To enjoying the beautiful green golf course. Every
year old and new members come together to see what our club has to offer. When a new member
joins the club, they must fill out a comprehensive long paper processing system that goes into a
filling cabinet. Crestmont has record of almost every member that go in and out of the club.
Members who bring in guests are also required to put their information on the paper for safety
reasons. All this information is stored and keep in an alphabetical filing cabinet system. When
members information is needed a person must go and look through the file to find what
information they need. This is a process that seems organized but, in this day, and age people
need things with easy access. Overall, having people’s information is a disaster waiting to
happen. Times are changing and we should too.
The History of the filing cabinet system at Crestmont was something that at first seemed
like a good idea. All member files were incredibly organized, and someone could go in and look
through as to what members needed to have. The file cabinet system at Crestmont in which paper
documents are organized in drawers contained in stacked cabinets. These cabinets would remain
the main method of document storage at Crestmont for the greater portion my time at Crestmont
Country Club. there are significant problems with this file cabinet system at Crestmont. File
cabinets take up lots of room, making them an unmanageable means of storage for the club
which has limited office space. In addition, searching for specific documents among piles of
paper requires a great deal of time and energy, as does manually filling out fields on paper.
Searching for and modifying documents often takes employees, managers, and business owners
away from other important responsibilities. To make matters worse, paper documents might be
destroyed in disasters like fires and floods or lost to theft. Most frequently, paper documents are
simply misplaced causing a distrust with the community members and management.
Proposed course of action:
I would like to have Crestmont Country Club transition from the paper filing system to a
comprehensive electronic database. This electronic system would provide security, avoid human
error, and create a safe environment for all members. In addition, over the years security and
compliance has been a big issue in the digital age of technology. There are some problems at
Information Systems Database Proposal
Crestmont that make keeping, all member information on paper easy for people to steal and use
for personal gain, without the knowledge of the club or member. Secondly, the great advantages
of an electronic filing system are having the ability to keep files on the computer for easy access
use. I would like to have each document entered into the system, categorized and registered
according to specific properties that our club could define. For example, the Finance department
may categorize each billing document by which member it corresponds to, along with the type of
document it is, such as: credit cards, address, phone number, etc. Along with an expiration date
for when that document needs to be renewed or updated. Doing it this way, Crestmont is given
full control over which employee/department can have access to specific member information. A
random employee should not be able to have access to this kind of information. Managers
should only get access to this kind personal information stated above. Additionally, directors
should have a much broader access to permissions that override anyone trying to make a change.
Also, members should also have access to this information upon request, if it needs to be
changed or updated.
Furthermore, more security measures should be taken to avoid member information
getting in the worng hands. This Electronic system will be secure and safe for employees to use.
It should also be user friendly and easy to maintain. Some security features should include
tracking every action that a user takes within the system, as well as every action performed by
the system. This is an important compliance feature for many companies and departments, we
should us it too. Similar to the one “google” uses, password protection, version control and
secure file sharing are also features built into many electronic filing systems that help you
comply with changes automatically. As well, history should be shown if anyone makes changes
to something they’re not supposed to.
The most important thing about an electronic filing system is that, since our documents
are on the computer, access to information becomes instantaneous. If you want to pull up the
entire file folder for a specific member or employee, a person does not go fishing through the
filing cabinet to find it. Simply you begin typing the members name into the system, instantly,
you will have their file at your fingertips. What makes this even more powerful is the ability to
run a cross-reference search. For example, if our club wanted to pull up all member visits for all
Information Systems Database Proposal
dinners from last year till now. Simply leave the members name in the field blank, select
“member attendance” as your document type and set the date and time. You can immediately see
how powerful this kind of cross reference search can be for on-the-fly reports, audits, etc.
All in all, this database, as proposed must be extremely user friendly and easily assessed
for managers and specific departments but, not so easy enough where some random person can
go in and make changes. All computers must have internet access and each person must be able
to understand all aspects of the new Microsoft based electronic system. Without proper training,
this electronic and modern system will create a wave of people to dislike the new way of filing
the members information. This electronic system would create and improve the Clubs production
by making is easy to find information at the flick of a button. The good thing about this change is
employers are already experienced in how new technology can impact the work life. We saw this
when Fingerprinting was added which replaced the old-time-stamp system. I believe if we
pushed to make that change, Crestmont Country club can successfully improve for the better.
Database Components:
The database being proposed will take all the member information from paper and
consolidate each piece of information collected into one electronic database. This includes easy
capture features that make it easy to move and edit documents. This database will be
electronically processed, and people will have quick easy access to it. There will be a cross
reference function, and everything will be backed up, safe and secure. The Most important thing
for this proposal to work is training and getting the right resources to have each computer set up
ready to go. This type of training is very simple, and I could help in getting people ready to make
the switch. As far as the Hardware if the club will give me a budget, I could build the computer
and have everything ready to go. Plus, I have a twin brother who works at the club who can fix
anything if it needs repair. Overall, I have extensive knowledge and experience in building
computers. This knowledge has given me great confidence in building a better future for
Crestmont Country Club.
Moreover, we must make sure all our employees are comfortable with this change.
Therefore, I would like to lay out plans that would make it easy for employees feel comfortable
Information Systems Database Proposal
with changing to a new system. One, minimize the fear of change by involving people at all
levels. It is well known that people do not like change, if we are going to change, we need to be
open and honest with people during this process, it should never come as a surprise. Second,
minimize the negative impacts of change on groups of workers who are at risk. Many employees
at our club are at an age where new technology might overwhelm them causing them to not like
the new system. We must work extensively to assure the older generation that this database will
be help them not hurt them. Third, create informal and formal leaders especially those that may
be antagonistic. We cannot make this change alone; our club needs people to step up and lead
people to make the change. Fourth, look for alternatives for employees who do not see
technology as a good thing. Sometimes people need to be encouraged to do the right thing.
Maybe we could figure out a way to give people money incentives or food vouchers.
Additional Components of the database include:

Capture Scanned Documents.

Capture Printed Documents.

Capture Save Function.

Security Function

Cross referencing system

Evidence of changes

Instant Retrieval
Impact of New System of Organization:
Time is money! When a new member comes into our club, they should not have to see a
huge file cabinet system. By switching to this technology our club will provide and create new
ways to improve the relations with its members. By getting rid of the paper, Crestmont could
save a lot of money and find new ways to generate revenue. Plus getting rid of the file cabinets
could create more office space. Having everything on paper makes it harsh on the environment,
but also a great thing for our budget. Taking a traditionally paper-based processes to the digital
Information Systems Database Proposal
world means reduced lag time, better productivity and ultimately, lower costs for the company.
In the year 2020 our club should be ahead of the game. There is no longer a need for paper, ink,
filing cabinets, and fishing through sensitive documents. All our document management can be
done directly from the electronic filing system. Eventually, Country Clubs around the world will
go paperless. When we make this change our club, will spend less time dealing with paper and
save money in the process.
Undoubtably, with the introduction of this system disasters would be avoided and the
computer systems would limit human error. At any moment a disaster, fire, flood or even poor
plumbing can result in the loss of Crestmont’s critical documentation. Electronic systems help
keep our files safe in the event of a disaster by using automatic backups. At the end of each day,
every document in our system can be automatically synced in the cloud to a backup drive that
resides on a different computer. For example, if a fire breaks out and burns all the important
information. The managers would be able to have a second copy of the documents because it was
saved on the cloud. This ensures that in the event of a disaster, you can be confident your files
are safe. If there was a real emergency and we need the information quickly the file cabinet
system would take too long. In the event something happens where a member’s card information
needs to be changed, we would be able to quickly retrieve it and make the necessary changes.
Crestmont Country Club has the tools at its disposal, the members, and the employees are
ready and willing to make this change. Ultimately, Crestmont Country Club’s administration can
decide if they want to make this change or not. I promise those who use this system will be
thankful that they do not have to use the old-time consuming paper file cabinet system. The
employees, who are on the current system could use a new change that makes it more efficient
for them to do their job. Long gone are the day where someone must fill out a paper to
painstakingly figure out where it belongs. Members information should never get in the worng
hands. Someone could easily go into the file cabinet, take the members information, and there
would be no knowledge of where that paper went. Lastly, I would like to provide Crestmont
Country Club with a computerized system that is most effective and ensures both management
Information Systems Database Proposal
look like a group of highly effective leaders. While, the employees become effective in what
they do every day.
Managing Information Systems
Database Proposal
Client: Cranford Police Department Communications Division
MIS Database Proposal
Page 1
Scope of Project:
I have been employed by the Cranford Police Department since June of 2002 where I began as a
Communications Officer in the dispatch center, officially known as the Communications
Division. In my experiences in college, I was able to suggest a comprehensive overhaul of the
Cranford Police Department’s Scheduling Software which ultimately replaced an antiquated
paper-process with a more effective computerized system. Since the purchase of the Police
Officer Scheduling System (POSS), the Cranford Police Department has reduced time, energy
and confusion by reducing administrative hurdles and decreasing clerical mistakes. It is with
the knowledge that such transformations are possible in the Cranford Police Department that I
am prepared to replace other “traditional” systems of data management to increase efficiency
and reduce mistakes. Additionally, the implementation of a more effective data management
system herein described will reduce response times to burglary and fire alarm calls for service.
Organization: The Cranford Police Department
The Cranford Police Department is a municipal law enforcement agency that serves the
Township of Cranford. In addition to patrolling the township and responding to emergencies,
the police department hosts an extensive Communications Division that is in charge of alarm or
“Digitize” board monitoring and dispatching, scheduling, manpower rosters and other
administrative functions. The “digitize” board holds approximately 1,300 different premises
with burglary and fire alarm systems in its system and acts as the “ADT” monitor for local
residences and businesses. In addition to the residences and businesses, government buildings,
including the Cranford Library, Cranford Recreation Center, Cranford Pool(s), eight (8) public
schools, ten (10) houses of worship, two (2) senior citizen housing units, two (2) nursing homes,
and the entire Union County College Cranford Campus are all monitored by this system.
During 2013, the Cranford Police Department logged over 50,000 case numbers, which
amounts to over 930 calls for service weekly or approximately 130 calls for service in a 24 hour
period. Of these calls, burglary and fire alarms coming through the alarm board account for
approximately ¼ of the calls for service. Fortunately, the majority of the time these alarms are
“false alarms”, which means that they were activated erroneously due to operation error, faulty
system upkeep, or in most fire alarm cases, due to cooking without ventilation. Still, with the
alarm signals being sent through the Digitizer Board throughout the course of the day, human
errors for handling the alarms may happen. In order to mitigate this, the Communications
Division has a paper back-up system in place that shows all alarm information and zones in case
clarification is needed prior to a dispatch. This system will be discussed in further, but first, the
Digitizer Board in question should be explained.
MIS Database Proposal
Page 2
The Digitizer Board is manufactured by Digitize Incorporated, which was founded in 1977. The
initial purpose of the Digitizer was to allow for fire alarm signals from street boxes (commonly
referred to as “pull stations”) to …
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