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this is the professors critiques : Don’t center your subtopics get him over to the left. You did not follow the template ’cause you have a bunch of random titles. Your first one is evidence of connection which I believe is under introduction. This is why I have everyone follow at template because I cannot search for things in the paper. I need to have it formulaic so I can give everyone really good feedback. It takes me all day to grade these papers. And it would take me 3 days if I had to search through peoples papers. Go back and re organize this using the template.template is attachedScientific and Mathematical Perspectives of Inquiry Paper Lack of Affordable Housing as a Public Health Issue Affect the Health Outcomes of the Minority People What approaching unfavorable housing as a public health issue improve health outcomes for Americans living in poverty? A future nurse prespective yorely perez Lack of Affordable Housing as a Public Health Issue Affect the Health Outcomes of the Minority PeopleIntroductionHealth professionals argue that an affordable and stable home can act as a prescription that provides extended-lasting benefits at the community and individual level. The lack of affordable and stable housing can lead to health complications such as reduced access to health opportunities, stress, and other mental health problems. For many generations, the lack of proper housing has been compounding and causing more and more people to suffer. This paper will discuss the body systems that are affected and the economic issues that are involved. Health and Lack of Affordable HousingLow housing relates to poor ventilation, unsafe structures, poor climatic conditions, and exposure to carbon, lead, radon, mold, and pesticides. Lack of affordable housing affects people of all ages, but older people are particularly vulnerable. Falls from these inhuman residents can lead to problems such as head injuries and broken bones. Exposure to toxins and harmful chemicals can lead to abnormal brain development (ChangeLabSolutions, 2018). This can later cause cognitive damage, neurological damage, respiratory diseases, cancer, and even death. Recent evidence from researchers has also indicated that poor housing conditions are related to poor health among adolescents and young children. According to the Department of Health and Human Services, unstable housing refers to living in a low-quality, unaffordable, and packed house. These houses might also be located in high crime rates, poverty, and lack of vital infrastructure (ChangeLabSolutions, 2018). Impact of Lack of Affordable Housing on Child DevelopmentResearch has shown that frequent movers of homeless people are at risk of low caregiving and poor child health as household hardships are high. In particular, housing problems relate to maternal depression and poor child health as the parents become stressed and unable to provide for their children. A survey conducted on homeless people and those behind rent indicated that these people’s children had a high probability of being hospitalized. Those who were not hospitalized but their parents were frequent movers or homeless also experienced developmental complications. Lack of affordable houses has led to poor mental health, material hardship, and depression among low-income families (ChangeLabSolutions, 2018). Impact of Lack of Affordable Housing on Mental HealthAccording to public health officials, the zip code of a person is a better predictor of that person’s state of health than the person’s genetic composition. This is true because of the policies that have been raised in the United States to facilitate segregation. The impact of policies such as redlining is evident in various cities. For example, the Kirwan Institute conducted a study on people who lived in Cleveland’s redline residences and found that they were in high exposure to waste and toxic substances. As a result, the infant mortality rate in the areas was 5 to 6 times higher than in other areas that were not redlined. The residents of redlined Cleveland areas’ life expectancy were also lower with 15-years (ChangeLabSolutions, 2018). The people who currently or historically face housing discrimination still face other barriers in the health sector. Some policies have been instituted to deny a particular class of people the ability to purchase or rent a house in neighborhoods affluent with resources. These policies prioritize market-rate production to restrict low-income families’ opportunities to live in specific areas (ChangeLabSolutions, 2018). The kind of community that a child grows up in affects the life and health of people who are exposed to poor living conditions and affects future generations who would live in those areas. Impact of Lack of Affordable Housing on Emotional HealthAccording to sociologist Patrick Sharkey, the scenario is like a cycle that transmits the advantages and disadvantages experienced at a particular time to the next generation. The poverty experienced by individuals during their childhood development in poor housing conditions leads to low cognitive development, which affects their educational achievement and economic success in life. In that sense, the impact of lack of affordable housing does not disappear from these individuals. But instead, they linger in their adult life, shaping how they will raise their children (ChangeLabSolutions, 2018). The experience of homelessness among children as they develop leaves a long-lasting physical and mental health, making the child susceptible to chronic diseases later in life. According to scientists, children who have experienced homelessness for more than two months experience developmental delay, frequent hospitalization, and malnourishment. Mothers who are homeless and pregnant also experience health complications such that they are hospitalized after receiving shelter. Therefore lack of affordable housing has a significant impact on health. Race is still an issue that revolves around the lack of affordable housing, especially for black people. White home buyers or renters have a high likelihood of being shown better houses by landlords and realtors than black people, regardless of their income level. Additionally, people who have identities that are intersectional face discrimination that deny them the opportunity to access stable, safe, and affordable housing (ChangeLabSolutions, 2018). Economic Issues Involved in Lack of Affordable HousingSocioeconomic status is a critical determinant of health. Affordable housing is one of the most crucial infrastructures for promoting people’s reliable social and economic health. Therefore there is a massive relationship between affordable housing and the health of individuals in a particular neighborhood. People who live in public houses have a higher burden of disease risk, especially chronic diseases, than urban dwellers. The main difference between the two categories of people is dependent on the environment of both residential areas. In recent days, there has been considerable evidence that the availability of resources and physical surroundings in a neighborhood affects the relationship between economic status and health results (Bowen & Quintiliani, 2019). The lack of affordable housing places healthy, safe, and well-maintained houses out of reach of many people. Support for reasonable housing provision for all seems an easy task for many people, but they forget that many other people are against it. More than 19 million Americans with low incomes qualify as people who require housing assistance. However, the problem is that there are not enough affordable housing units for the people to live in. Only about 4.5 million of these people in need of affordable housing can get assistance. Another report indicates a need for approximately 7.4 million affordable house units required to house people with meager incomes (Bowen & Quintiliani, 2019). People who lack affordable housing are often formed to either be homeless or live in homeless shelters. Most of them have mental issues and require health assistance that is hard to get, mainly depending on their lives. The leading cause of the shortage of affordable housing is the rising income inequality in combination with high housing costs. This issue is mostly experienced in the metropolitan areas where the population is high, and the demand for housing is high. People’s incomes cannot sustain the cost at which the houses are offered as the financial burden increases. The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic in the world has made the problem even worse, as most people have lost their jobs or have been suspended from work (Zonta, 2021). The low-income workers living from hand to mouth now find it even more challenging to pay their rent and keep their families fed. Ideally, these people were still struggling even before the pandemic struck, meaning that the problem has escalated further. Lack of affordable housing relates to public policies that lead to overspending on housing, reducing the available funds for the families to cater to their healthcare needs.According to the U.S Census Bureau income inequality gap in the country is widening even further compared to how it was five decades ago. The income rise for low-income workers has continued to rise slowly compared to the rising rate of high-wage job income. In 2017, 46% of tenants spent approximately 30% of their incomes settling housing costs (Zonta, 2021). The low supply of affordable housing has caused the rental cost to remain high. Although the government is working as hard as possible to ensure that all people live in a stable and affordable home, other economic issues such as recovery from the pandemic are straining the effort. The lack of affordable housing undermines metropolitan areas’ productivity and the government’s plan to achieve post-COVID economic recovery. The lack of affordable is an economic problem that the government has to deal with by setting up the right policies and regulations (Zonta, 2021). ConclusionAlthough the research on the relationship between affordable housing and health is still ongoing, researchers have found that stable and affordable housing in well-resourced areas has reduced infectious and chronic disease rates. Affordable houses help individuals save enough food and nutrition, healthcare needs, and mental and emotional support that reduces depression and stress. Therefore, if people lack affordable housing, they have a high risk of suffering a wide range of medical problems compared to people with stable and affordable housing. ReferencesBowen, D. J., & Quintiliani, L. (2019). Socioeconomic Influences on Affordable Housing Residents: Problem Definition and Possible Solutions. In Different Strategies of Housing Design. IntechOpen.ChangeLabSolutions. (2018). Health effects of Unsafe, unstable, and unaffordable housing. Retrieved February 11, 2021, from…Zonta, M. (2021). Expanding the supply of affordable housing for low-wage workers. Retrieved February 11, 2021, from…

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