SOLUTION: Rasmussen College Employee Well Being Executive Attitudes Discussion

Evaluate organizational behavior and leadership theories and practices to
enhance individual and organizational performance.
The Chief HR Officer has established a new unit in the Human Resources
Department to focus on increasing employee well-being in the organization, and
you have been hired to lead the effort, as the new Director of Organizational
Development. The Chief HR Officer will be presenting to the executive leadership
team a proposal to institute several measures in this area and has assigned you
the task of preparing an executive summary for the leadership team arguing for
the importance of establishing a periodic survey, which measures employee
attitudes and well-being in the organization.
Prepare an executive summary that:

Selects and defends the focus of the survey (for example, satisfaction,
engagement, or a different variable).
Details the impact of employee well-being on productivity,
profitability, and the customer experience.
Demonstrates the need to benchmark survey results against
competitors in the industry.
Outlines the steps in the administration and evaluation process of the
Describes the communication plan to disseminate the results to the

Explains how progress on any changes made as a result will be
monitored and measured for success.
Provides attribution for credible sources used in the executive
Article Databases:
Business Source Complete via EBSCO
• Business via ProQuest
• ASP: Human Resource Management Online
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Executive Well-being Executive Summary
Linsey Mendoza
Rasmussen College
Organizational Behavior and Leadership
Sean Wall-Carty
January 21st, 2021
The Focus of The Study (employees’ attitude)
Attitudes are behaviours portrayed by people in varying situations and conditions.
Employees attitudes reflect their loyalty and feelings towards the organization, fellow
employees, customers, and leadership positions. Inappropriate handling of employees’ attitudes
leads to conflict, which causes poor employer-employee relationships and employee-leader
relationships (Unanue et al., 2017). Employee wellbeing shows how the duties, work
environment, expectations, and stress level affect an employee’s overall happiness and health. It
also involves issues like nutrition, exercise, work-life balance, and financial status, among others
(Guest, 2017).
Carrying out regular employees’ attitudes Surveys is crucial in gathering information
about their feelings about their current working environment, morale, company image, and
management. Uslus (2019) stated that emotional intelligence enables employees to develop
positive attitudes towards their job, colleagues, and customers. This improves their productivity
and is enable them to become compatible and responsible individuals (Uslu & Uslu, 2019). The
survey will be conducted through the issuance of a simple questionnaire. The questionnaire
questions will measure five major components that will be analyzed to understand the factors
that hinder or support employees’ wellbeing. The components are the employees’ views on the
company, the company’s culture, the management, and the programs running in the company as
well as their colleagues or workmates. For example, the survey will ask employees whether the
existing culture supports and encourage employee wellbeing. Employees will also be required to
provide ideas and opinions on how their wellbeing can be improved. Employees’ wellbeing
surveys provide information about employees’ wellness preferences, health costs, and health
insurance cost. The paper survey will also focus on specific factors, including employees’ level
of satisfaction, engagement, work complaints, ignorance, customer service, and productivity.
Other factors include employees’ level of emotional connection, engagement, job satisfaction,
and personal problems.
Impact of Employees’ Wellbeing
A high level of employee wellbeing improves their work performance and productivity.
This is because they are usually self-motivated and relate well with their supervisors and
colleagues (Guest, 2017). Nicotera, 2020, explained the impact of employee’s wellbeing using
the human relations theory. The human relations theory states that employees with higher
wellbeing are highly motivated in carrying their responsibilities. This makes them more
productive, better organizational citizenship and job outcomes. Increased productivity and
efficiency increase profitability and improves customer experience. A study done by Harter &
Mann found out that teams that were highly engaged recorded increased profitability of 21%
(Harter & Mann, 2017). Employees’ engagement is one of the factors that improve the level of
employee wellbeing in an organization. Apart from productivity, the study also found out that
high employee engagement reduced absenteeism by 41% and employees turnover by 59%
(Harter & Mann, 2017).
Need for Benchmarking Survey Results
Benchmarking the survey results against that of the competitors will enable the
organization to determine where it lies in the industry in terms of maintaining positive
employees’ positive attitudes and wellbeing (Guest, 2017). It will also help in identifying all gaps
that need to be improved. Benchmarking will also enable the organization to learn new ideas and
practices from other organizations. For example, SpendEdge Company conducts competitive
benchmarking analysis where it compares its performance against its competitors. This has
enabled the company to gain insights into reducing its costs, enhancing customer services, and
improving the quality of its products (Busines wire, 2019).
The Administration and Evaluation Process of The Survey
The survey will allow employees to provide comprehensive information that addresses
various workplace issues. One-on-one interviews will also be undertaken, and various
recommendations retrieved from the employees. Employees will also be encouraged to use
various suggestion boxes around the organization to write the issues and problems they believe
are of concern. Ten senior employees will be chosen to help me in carrying out the survey. They
will provide the other employees with the questionnaires and carry out face-to-face interviews.
These top employees will also help me compile and analyse the results of the survey and the
interviews and provide their opinion on specific issues identified by their fellow employees. The
survey should take at most one and a half months to ensure employees are provided with ample
time to give their views and opinions.
Communication Plan, Monitoring and Measuring Progress
The analyzed results and recommendations from these sources will be put in writing in
small booklets and slide presentations and communicated by the Chief HR to the executive
leaders. The progress will be measure and monitored by conducting subsequent surveys. The two
subsequent surveys will aim at collecting information about whether the recommendations
previously implemented successfully improved the employees’ wellbeing and positively changed
their attitudes.
Business wire, (2019). Top companies are performing competitive benchmarking analysis to
outperform their competitions. Retrieved from
Guest, D. E. (2017). Human resource management and employee wellbeing: Towards a new
analytic framework. Human resource management journal, 27(1), 22-38.
Guest, D. E. (2017). Human resource management and employee wellbeing: Towards a new
analytic framework. Human resource management journal, 27(1), 22-38.
Harter, J., & Mann, A. (2017). The Right Culture: Not Just About Employee Satisfaction.
Retrieved from
Nicotera, A. M. (2020). Human relations theory. Origins and traditions of organizational
communication: A comprehensive introduction to the field, 106-126.
Unanue, W., Rempel, K., Gómez, M. E., & Van den Broeck, A. (2017). When and why does
materialism relate to employees’ attitudes and wellbeing: the mediational role of need
satisfaction and need frustration. Frontiers in psychology, 8, 1755.
Uslu, O., & Uslu, M. (2019). The impact of emotional intelligence on employees’
attitudes. Journal of Applied Management and Investments, 8(1), 32-43.

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