SOLUTION: Santa Monica College The Homophily and Friendships Annotated Bibliography

Soc 4: Sociological Analysis
Annotated Bibliography Guidelines
Dr. Thing
The annotated bibliography is worth 20% of the final grade. Make sure to do a great job!
In order to prepare you to do your group research project, each student will complete an
(individual) annotated bibliography of SIX academic/scholarly journal articles and/or books,
three of which must be published after 2005, addressing your topic. The topics you are
assigned for the annotated bibliography is the same topic as your group research project. So, the
annotated bibliography will help you with your group research project.
Getting Started:
You must use six academic journal articles and/or books for this assignment. This is very
important, and students will lose a significant number of points for using non-academic (e.g.,
newspaper/magazine articles, blogs, etc.).
Watch the SMC’s library video(s) that explains how to find scholarly sources using SMC’s
library website. Watch this video BEFORE you start to search for academic sources: http:// You may also
find this video helpful: Academic Sources Video.
What is an annotated bibliography?
Description: An annotated bibliography is a list of citations and critical summaries of books and
articles on a topic. The annotated bibliography looks like a Reference Page but includes an
annotation or summary after each source cited. An annotation is a short summary of a source.
(See example below.)
For this assignment please provide the citation for each source and a summary of each source.
The summary should include:

Research methods employed by book’s/article’s author (researcher)

Main points/arguments of the book/article

Why the source is relevant to your project?
This assignment is to be typed using Times New Roman, 12-point font. The document should be
double-spaced and have 1-inch margins all around. Each entry should be 200-250 words. College
level writing is expected for this and all assignments.

Please include a cover page with your name, the topic of your research project, the name
of group members

Please use 12-point Times New Roman font.

Please use 1-inch margins all around

Single-space the citation and double-space annotation (summary).

The bibliography should be in alphabetical order.
Examples: This is what an annotated bibliography would look like.
*Note that the references are in alphabetical order.
Becker, Davida, James P. Thing, Lourdes Baezconde-Garbanati, Seth J. Schwartz, Daniel W.
Soto and Jennifer B. Unger. 2014. “Cultural Measures Associated with Sexual Risk Behaviors
Among Latino Youth in Southern California: A Longitudinal Study.” Perspectives on Sexual and
Reproductive Health 46(4):193–201
The authors, researchers at the Institute for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Research
cultural variables have been associated with sexual risk behaviors among Latino youth, but
findings across studies are inconsistent. This researcher is a quantitative longitudinal study of
acculturation patterns among Latino youth in Southern California from 2005 to 2012. Data from
995 participants were used in logistic and ordered regression analyses to test whether cultural
variables measured in high school were associated with sexual risk behaviors in emerging
adulthood, and whether gender moderated these associations. Results suggests that the cultural
value of respect for parents was negatively associated with participants’ odds of reporting an
earlier age at sexual debut (odds ratio, 0.8) and condom nonuse at most recent sexual
intercourse (0.8). A measure of acculturation reflecting U.S. cultural practices was positively
associated with the likelihood of being sexually experienced (1.2), having concurrent sexual
partners (1.5) and, among males only, having a greater number of sexual partners (1.3). Secondand later-generation immigrant youth had lower odds of not using a condom at most recent
sexual intercourse than first-generation youth (0.6 and 0.5, respectively). Strength of
endorsement of Latino cultural practices was negatively associated with females’ lifetime
number of partners (0.8), but positively associated with males’ (1.4). Data analysis conclusions:
The cultural measures associated with Latino youths’ sexual behaviors differed across outcomes
and by gender. Further understanding of these associations and their underlying mechanisms
may help inform the development of culturally sensitive sexual health interventions.
Our research project for Sociology 4 looks at sexuality among racial/ethnic
minority college students. Thus, this research is relevant to our project because it suggests that
cultural factors correlate with sexual risk behaviors such as sexual experience, age of sexual
debut, condom use and number of sexual partners. Further, gender was found to be correlated to
both cultural measures and sexual behavior outcomes.
[*You could elaborate on some of the findings through language that is more accessible, or that
describes overall themes instead of specific numbers, or statistical terminology. In other words,
put this more into language that describes to you what the major findings reveal about Latinx
youth, acculturation and sexual behavior. ]
Thing, James. 2010. “Gay, Mexican and Immigrant: Intersecting Identities among Gay Men in
Los Angeles.” Social Identities 16(6): 809-831.
This research draws on a multi-sited ethnographic research study of sexual identity formation
among self-identified gay Mexican men in Los Angeles, Mexico City and Cuernavaca. Relying
primarily on in-depth interviews with 24 gay immigrant men and extensive participant
observation in Los Angeles, this research explores the intersection of sexuality, social class,
ethnicity and immigration in the participants’ daily lives and identity formation processes, the
potential ways that transnational social networks shape their identities, and the ways that
sexuality impacts the contours of their transnational networks. This article argues that the
participants’ identities as gay men are best understood as hybrid constructions that integrate
elements of the gender-stratified activo/pasivo model of homosexuality and the object-choice
gay model of homosexuality, and that the integration of these models into their identities is
impacted by social class, geography, and immigration. Further, this paper argues that the
subjectivities of the gay immigrant men in this study are best understood within a transnational
intersectionality framework which conceptualizes identities as hybrid constructions that are
produced through the interaction of several salient social forces.
Our research project for Sociology 4 examines sexuality among gay men. This research is
relevant to our project because it examines the formation and articulation of gay identities
among Mexican men. More specifically, this research shows how social class, immigration, and
participation in transnational social networks shape the formation of what the author calls hybrid
sexual identities that draw from elements of the actiivo/pasivo model and object-choice model of
Please use the American Sociological Association formatting style. The bibliography must have a
cover page with the names of all the group members, topic, date of presentation, and course
section number. For examples of how to list your references see the links below. These are from
various universities or sociology resource pages.
Article: One author
Thing, James. 2010. “Gay, Mexican and Immigrant: Intersecting Identities among Gay Men in
Los Angeles.” Social Identities 16(6): 809-831.
Article: Two or more authors
Becker, Davida, James P. Thing, Lourdes BaezcondeGarbanati, Seth J. Schwartz, Daniel W. Soto
and Jennifer B. Unger. 2014. “Cultural Measures Associated with Sexual Risk Behaviors Among
Latino Youth in Southern California: A Longitudinal Study.” Perspectives on Sexual and
Reproductive Health 46(4):193–201.
Welch, Kathleen E. 1999. Electric Rhetoric: Classical Rhetoric, Oralism, and a New Literacy.
Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.

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