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Project Management at MM
Project management is the process of aligning activities to make a final useful product. A project
requires skilled personnel and total dedication for it to be successful. McCann has an experience
of many years in this field. Therefore, he was mandated with overseeing the implementation of
the green meters project. He utilized several organizational factors to enhance the chances of
successful completion. He also faced many challenges due to inflexibility in the company’s
culture and the use of outdated systems. Corporate politics is also hindering the smooth
implementation of the green project. Some factors that enhanced the chances of success of the
undertaking include support from the board, employees’ coordination, and McCann’s
experience. It is crucial for all stakeholders in an organization to cooperate for project
implementation to continue without hitches. This paper outlines organizational factors that
increase the likelihood of the green meters project’s success, the aspects that hinder the
undertaking’s implementation, and actions that McCann should take to salvage the situation.
Keywords: Project management, corporate politics, schedule
Project Management at MM
Project management is a crucial activity that requires total dedication and skilled
personnel for it to be successful. At MM, Werner McCann, a top project manager, was tasked
with the designing and manufacturing of green meters, a new product for the company. The
objective of the project was to enable customers to manage their electrical consumption better.
Everyone at the company was excited about the project (Mckeen & Smith, 2015). It was seen as
something that will propel MM to the top of the industry. Therefore, McCann was under pressure
to deliver the project. Identifying organizational factors that increase the likelihood of the
undertaking’s success, those that hinder its implementation, and the things that McCann needs to
do to salvage the situation give an invaluable insight into the process of project management.
Organizational Factors that Enhanced the Success of the Project
Several organizational factors At MM enhanced the implementation of the green meters
project. One of them was support from the top leadership. The board of management provided
executive sponsorship to ensure that the process would continue smoothly (Mckeen & Smith,
2015). McCann received all the funding he needed to accomplish the huge task that was before
him. Another organization factor was staff coordination. Employees from the various
departments at the company were excited about the successful implementation of the project.
Therefore, they worked hard in the duties they were assigned. Stakeholders’ output is required
for the smooth implementation of a project (Kerzner, 2017). Everyone longed for the day that
green meters would be ready for manufacture and distribution to customers. McCann’s
experience and skills were other factors that increased the chances of the project’s likelihood of
success. He was hired for the position because he demonstrated the ability to oversee the
successful completion of many undertakings. Skilled personnel is an essential aspect of a
successful project management process (Schwalbe, 2015). McCann was a highly motivated
individual and would do anything in his power to achieve his goals. The factors mentioned above
are clear indications that MM is well managed.
Organizational Factors that Hindered the Success of the Project
Several organizational factors decreased the likelihood of success of the project. The first
was corporate politics. The departmental heads were placing barriers to McCann’s progress path.
For instance, Tompkins had refused to allow for the switching of the data dictionary. He claimed
that he was not being updated on the steps that have been taken in the implementation process.
However, that was a lame excuse. He had a representative at the steering committee. Moreover,
he continuously received progress reports. Corporate politics is a significant barrier to the proper
running of a company (Meredith, Mantel Jr, & Shafer, 2017). It seems some people at the
company wanted McCann to fail.
Another organizational factor that affected the smooth implementation of the project was
the lack of adequate skilled personnel (Meredith et al., 2017). McCann admitted openly that the
project would put his team under huge pressure. There were few employees with technical
knowhow at the company. Therefore, McCann was only left with the option of outsourcing some
services. The situation created a logistic problem that threatened to disrupt the implementation
schedule. The top leadership was reluctant to agree to this proposition. It was seen as an
additional cost, which would make the project more expensive. Overall, highly skilled people in
the technical field are rare to find.
MM has low flexibility in its operations. The company is based on traditional culture and
processes that are outdated. The lack of flexibility hindered the progress of the green meters
project. McCann wanted to use an outside-in approach when designing the product (Mckeen &
Smith, 2015). He wanted to integrate marketing, making orders, manufacturing, delivery, and
maintenance into one process. However, MM was used to having separate systems for each
operation. Moreover, they were using outdated tools that would not permit multitasking. The
board was not ready for changes. They insisted that McCann works with the existing resources.
Such a conservative mentality in this era is dangerous. The contemporary world is dynamic, and
only flexible companies will survive.
Things to Do
To salvage his reputation and save the company from the imminent loss, McCann needs
to take swift and decisive actions. He should write a letter to the CEO complaining about the
conduct of Tompkins. No progress can be made before the data dictionary is switched. Thus,
Tompkins is blocking the implementation process without concrete reasons. He is just envious of
McCann’s success. Tompkins considers him a threat to his position. Therefore, he is doing
everything to make sure McCann fails to deliver.
McCann should convene a crisis meeting with the management in the shortest time
possible. The current situation requires the intervention of the executives. Moreover, McCann
will only waste time if he continues trying to resolve issues on his own. Courage is an important
aspect when one is facing a difficult situation (Mir & Pinnington, 2014). It enables a person to
look for solutions instead of wasting time doing nothing. During the meeting, he should present
all the barriers he has faced in his quest to implement the project. Besides, he should present the
possible solutions to the current quagmire. The board will agree to most of his recommendations
because they also want the project to succeed.
McCann should also inform the project implementation team of the resolutions reached
during the crisis meeting. He should prepare them for the new challenge that is glaring at them.
Everyone should be updated on the changed mandate that they are required to perform. As a
result, the project will be implemented in record time.
Werner McCann was tasked with the designing and manufacturing of green meters, an
important product for the company. The objective of the project was to enable customers to
manage their electrical consumption better. All stakeholders at the company were excited about
the project. It was seen as something that will propel MM to the top of the industry. Therefore,
McCann was under pressure to deliver the project. Several organizational factors boosted the
chances of the project’s success. One of them was the unwavering support from the executive.
The top leadership at the company wanted the project to succeed as it would have earned the
company a huge amount of revenue. Another factor was the coordination that the staff exhibited
during that period. McCann was assured of professional assistance from the various departments
in the company. Moreover, his experience in the field of project management gave him the
confidence to take up the challenge of overseeing this undertaking. However, some
organizational factors hindered the smooth implementation of the project. They included
inadequate skilled personnel in the technical field, corporate politics, and lack of flexibility.
McCann needs to take some steps to steer this project back to the right path. He should first
convene a crisis meeting with the executive, and then inform the project implementation team
about the resolutions reached. He should also report all employees that are blocking the smooth
progress of the undertaking. Such actions will lead to the successful completion of the green
meter project.
Kerzner, H. (2017). Project management: A systems approach to planning, scheduling, and
controlling. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
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project management performance and project success. International Journal of Project
Management, 32(2), 202-217. doi:
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