SOLUTION: University of Houston Specialization in Graphic Design Paper

February 2, 2021
Mr. Tangeman
University of Houston
4800 Calhoun Rd-T2-339
Houston, TX 77004
Dear Mr. Tangeman,
I am Name. I am enrolled at the University of Houston with a major in Digital Media. I am a
first-generation immigrant from China. I moved to the United States with my family at the age of
17. I enjoy eating at new restaurants in Houston and hanging out with my friends. I enjoy
learning and seek to continually improve myself through educational experiences. Further, I
enjoy challenging myself through academic rigor.
My relevant past writing experience includes high school English classes and my college
introductory English course. My previous writing experience has been I have drafted a number
of limited to book reports, essays, and class requirements ; however, I had a
memorable/notable/important/significant writing experience in my English composition class, I
wrote a report on Hamlet by William Shakespeare that discussed/explored….. This assignment
taught me to read, research, analyze, and put into academic writing my analysis. I chose to take
this class to push myself to improve my writing skills.. Even with limited writing experience, I
know that I will work hard to improve my language, writing, and grammar skills.
My expectations from this class are to hone my writing skills and help me with my career goal of
becoming a graphic designer in Los Angeles. This includes becoming adept at professional
letters, query letters, and strengthening my language skills. This will help set me apart from other
graphic designers. I chose my major in Digital Media because I enjoy the fast-paced industry
world, the diversity, and the creativity required to design…??? and… Writing is important
because graphic designers must have a strong command of the written word to capture the
attention of the reader. Often, graphic designers working on websites or marketing campaigns
only have a title or sentence to reel in an audience.. This class will introduce me to new linguistic
styles, vocabulary, and writing methods to expand my toolbox. This will help improve my
writing skills in my future career. I am looking forward to learning in this class and improving
my academic skills.
Displays professional and effective document format
Uses a professional and persuasive tone and illustrates and awareness of
Paragraphs are coherent and unified and the content is organized with
effective topic sentences.
Letter includes sufficient detail, facts, and examples to support claims
and sufficiently answers all assignment questions.
Uses correct grammar and mechanics and lacks typos and proof-reading
Grade Scale: 25=A+, 24=A, 23=A-, 22=B+, 21=B, 20=B-, 19.5=C+ 19=C, 18=C-, 17=D+, 16=D,
15=D-, 14=F
Hello Shimin,
Great job with this first draft—your sentence level writing is strong, clear and professional in
tone. Your introduction and body paragraph 01 are already in good shape, but in revision let’s
create a separate body paragraph 02 that perhaps discusses your interest in digital media and the
documents you will work with. THEN, set up a distinct conclusion where you might suggest how
the class will help you in the future—maybe there you could mention a goal for your resume,
working in a specific position in an industry that appeals to you, and explain why it appeals. Lots
of options.
In addition to my comments below, I will also provide the class 2 Strong Letter samples you can
use as reference when you revise.
Very encouraging first draft.
1. Review the 2 Strong Letter Examples posted in the Revised Letter folder on
Introduction: In your introduction, you might include some of the following facts
about yourself.

Your name—My name is John Smith, or just say “I am” (Because your
name will also be listed when you say, “Sincerely”).
You will mention your major and classification and area of interest; and you
may mention important family facts, married, kids, country of origin, work
experience, education, military experience, and/or internship experience.
You might also briefly suggest why you chose your major, i.e., why you’re
interested in the field.
For the last sentence—this is your transition to the body of the letter—you
could suggest a long-term professional goal, a type of job, or company you’d
like to work for, which may provide a sort of theme for the letter. Or maybe
identify a possible field, or type of internship that interests you where you
can learn more about your major.
If you are just starting your major, then you might instead suggest how
technical writing will be a valuable skill in the future.
Body Paragraph 01 will describe your past academic writing experience. That
could include academic or professional writing experience or both. Be sure to
include brief context—for example, the specific class where you wrote the
assignment, or the job title and work duties.
Topic Sentence:
First 1-2 sentences.
Your topic sentence establishes the main subject that your paragraph discusses. If
you talk about college writing and your work as an IT assistant, then your topic
sentence should establish that.
1. An effective topic sentence will also include a controlling idea (claim,
argument, evaluative statement) that identifies what was important or what
you learned from the experience detailed in your paragraph.
Pro Tip: Try to focus on the most relevant and unique examples of your past
writing experience—essays, research papers, labs, reports, documents, and the
writing skills you learned. Limit generalizations that are true for most students.
Discuss a specific essay you wrote—what was the subject? Your argument, and
then suggest what writing skills you learned or practiced. Use the TEA Paragraph
to help shape your body paragraphs.
Body Paragraph 02 might reflect on your future career or field of interest. Briefly,
explain the job and duties. Then shift to explaining what documents you will likely
work with, and how writing is important in your field. How will this course assist
you with the writing component of your job? Provide context—who is a typical
audience, what a typical purpose of those documents? Why is clear, precise writing
important in your work?
Pro Tip: Do some Google research if you’re about the writing component
Effective conclusions end with enthusiasm and positivity. They are forward
thinking but instead of merely summarizing, I would recommend emphasizing
main points of the letter. You can do that be adding more details or context about
your future goals and how writing will be an asset toward achieving them.

Or/and try to end with one last interesting fact or detail about yourself.
Perhaps a short or long-term goal– a small business plan you’d love to
pursue, a company you’d want to work for, perhaps another education or
creative goal where writing is a component.
But be specific—what kind of small business? What documents will help
you launch it?
OR: In the conclusion, some students will reference how the class—or a specific
project from the class—will be useful to them. For example, a student might
suggest they are interested in the resume project and their interest in drafting an
effective internship resume and applying to work as a UI or UX designer for
Microsoft, while also suggesting why Microsoft appeals to them.
Frame Organization for Letter:
• If you mentioned a dream job or long-term goal in the introduction, you
might return to it in the conclusion and explain it in more detail, why it
motivates you, and how strong, professional writing will be an asset in
achieving that goal.

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