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Hello Buddy, Please use this as your final paper; Cheers, Running head: HOW I MET YOUR MOTHERHow I Met Your Mother: Cultural AnalysisStudent’s NameInstitutional Affiliation1HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER2How I Met Your Mother: Cultural AnalysisTelevision “Genre” is a concept that when defined adds a unique meaning to differentprograms with the intention of creating if not capturing audience members from differentmembers across the globe. Basically, the general notion of television genre has been usedover time and against as an approach to impose a profound structuring of television shows(Cantor and Joel, 1986a). With the growth of Cable television’s popularity, the manner inwhich television audiences were created shifted from focusing solely on content but alsosocial importance. Focusing on “How I met your Mother,” which was a television comedyseries, the CBC released was associated with the comedy genre thereby emerging to beappealing to most fanatics of sitcom comedy based on its entertainment, informative, culturaland entertainment aspects. This paper provides a comprehensive analysis of how the audiencewas created in the second season of the television show, “How I Met your mother.”Brief SummarySeason 2 of how I met your mother aired from September 2006 to May 2007, with themovie containing 22 episodes that ranged from “where were we?” to “Something Blue.” Thesequel to season one contained the basic characters (Ted Mosby, Barney Stinson, MarshallEriksen, Future Ted, Robin Scherbatsky and Lily Aldrin) as well as a list of 11 recurringappearances primarily from the bar (Lee, 2014c). When expounding more in the synopsis, itis vital to note that in the given episode, Ted and Robin cemented their relationship tobecome a couple, at a time when Marshall and Lilly had broken up, as such; Marshall desiredto continue life without his Lover, Lily, on the other hand, had left to pursue her art career,though afterward, she came to the realization that she is not an artist, Lily returned to NewYork, where they rekindled their Love, with the season culminating in Marriage.Barney, on the other hand, had engaged Marshall in a bet, but unfortunately lost itculminating in Marshall obtaining a privilege to slap Barney five times in the future, with twoHOW I MET YOUR MOTHER3of the five chances occurring in Season two while Barney was putting up a one-man show aswell as when they were in the bar. As the plot thickens, Barney is revealed to have a blackbrother who was gay. Barney, while in pursuit of hist rue identity visits Bob Barker to assertif, Barker is his true dad (Lee, 2014c). On the other hand, Ted who openly shares his findingswith the crew discovers that Robin was during her teen pop years a Canadian teen star, withher hit single that was referred to as (Let’s go to the mall). In the season finale, Ted and Robintake a break, to prioritize on Lily’s and Marshall’s wedding Season 2 ends with Barney beingexcited as a result of he and Ted being the latest single guys in town.AnalysisGiven that the process of crafting an Audience is always demanding and may at timesbe overwhelming; Season 2 of How I Met Your Mother was able to capture a significantaudience base through the exploration of two content themes, friendship, and Love.According to the class readings, it was apparent that most shows which were received wellresulted as a result of placing a greater emphasis on the need to create and sustain friendships,rather than focusing on building up a family relationship setting (Cantor and Joel, 1986a).This aspect was visibly portrayed in “How I met Your Mother” given that it primarily built itsplot on the notion that friendships were equally if not more important to the family. Case inpoint, in an episode dubbed, “How Lily Stole Christmas” Future Ted expounded more onhow he was driven to settle for spending Christmas with his other “family” when he wasaway from the confines of his brothers (Thompson, 2015e). This aspect showcased how Tedvalued his friends to the point of equating them to his dear family.In season 2 of “How I Met Your Mother”, the aspect of valuing friendships and theimportance they impose in our lives was captured when Ted played a big role in helpingMarshall recover from his break up. In numerous instances, Ted provided a shoulder forMarshall to lean on, while comforting him with good pep talks, food, and tough love.HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER4Interestingly, there was more than one instance whereby Ted often stopped Marshall frommaking mistakes associated with post-relationship guilt such as Calling her then ex-girlfriend(Lily). With most sitcoms being primarily based on humor, “How I Met Your Mother” wasable to create an audience by exploring this theme of friendship in a different dimension. Itwas apparent from the interactions shared between Ted and Marshall, that friendship played avital role in establishing a supportive circle that people could rely on whenever they werebroken down or frustrated by current life events such as emotional or love trauma. In thecontext of creating audiences, the class readings stated that it was vital to craft relevantcontent that appeals to the modern-day viewership (Grindstaff, 2015b), and in the case of“How I Met Your Mother,” it was evident that the producers were spot on, on capturing howlive events influenced the manner in which people valued the friendships they created.At times, misjudging people is often a norm in life, however, there are numerousinstances when we misjudge people wrongly for either being self-centered or selfish, whilethe truth of the matter is that they have the best interest of us in their hearts (Shaw, 2015d).This was a practical example of Barney’s and Marshall’s friendship. In the episode dubbed“The scorpion and the Toad,” Marshal was constantly agitated with Barney who he believedwas denied him a fair chance of getting a lady to be intimate with, given that there werenumerous instances when Marshal had ignited a spark with a random stranger at their favoritedrinking spot only for Barney to go home with the girl, leaving Marshall “high and dry”(Thompson, 2015e), Later on, in the season, it became apparent that Barney’s actions weredriven by the need to safeguard Marshall from losing touch with Lily, given that Barney hadconstantly flown to San Francisco while Lily and Marshall had broken up, in a bid toconvince Lily to come back to Marshall and rekindle their relationship. This twist in the plotwas bound to capture the audience’s attention because it showcased Barney’s transformationthrough intertwin…

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